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Going the extra mile with records online?


Staff member
Covid is making genealogy trips harder, but more is coming online. A very long way to go though but more and more is coming online. Now I am doing blanket searches of marriage witnesses in the Marylebone area and Westminster area 1820-1840ish.

3 of my ancestors, living in Oxford, London and Essex, all 3 of them put "no" as to whether born in county but the Grim reaper claimed them before 30th March 1851, the date of the first more useful census.

I have a feeling that they came from Dorset, Suffolk and Bucks due to some circumstantial evidence and theories, it is actually good to speculate, but never ever add speculation as fact until I find compelling evidence.

George Coombs, coachman and Sarah. He was from Dorset, as I found out the George Coombs baptised in Bincombe in 1790 son of Matthew and Margaret was my ancestor. George and Sarah were in London in 1812 when their eldest son Matthew George Coombs was born. They then had Margaret in 1817, Frederick in 1819 and William Thomas in 1828. George died in 1831. Sarah had her banns read in July 1834 to James Bradford in Marylebone parish church. No subsequent marriage has been found. They did remain together. Sarah witnessed her son Matthew G Coombs wedding in Paddington, just west of Marylebone. And I recently found that James and Sarah Bradford witnessed the wedding of William Smith to Anne Jenkins in Paddington in August 1835, just a month after Matthew G Coombs married. Sarah died in 1851 aged 60, so born c1790/1791.

The only likely George Coombs to Sarah marriage is 26 April 1810, Axminster, Devon, to Sarah Davey. However Sarah was not a spinster, she was a widow. That does throw doubt into the mix, would she be a widow at 19 or 20? Witnesses Chas Cornish and Hannah Taylor.