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I have been trying to gather any info on James Goodison, born June 28 1804 in Leeds to Samuel Goodison & Hannah (Cawthorne).

I'm pretty sure he married Elizabeth Snell and they had a son James Goodison, born 1853 who was married in 1884 to Georgina Mary Augusta Morris.

Also Georgina Morris' older sisters & mother where born in Kingston, Jamaica so i have no idea where to start looking into that.

I seem to have hit a dead end, If anyone has any information or could point out where to look next it would be really appreciated

This takes me back at least 10 years. I do know there were Brittish government officials on the islands at that time. Remember records were held at St.George for BMD in West Indies. I would look at Findmypast for a record.

All I can find on James Goodison is his burial at St Dunstan in Cheam April 29 1872 age 67 and two mentions of him in the London Gazette when partnerships which he is in as a coffee dealer are dissolved (28 July 1837 and 22 July 1842).

The Morris children births in Jamaica are on FamilySearch. There were 9 children born there, from Nov 1840 (Mowbray George Morris) to Dec 1855 (Leslie Charles Campbell Morris). The mother was Eliza Frances but I can't find her marriage to William Bristow Morris. There are several possible births for her in Kingston but no way of knowing which is correct.

At all the baptisms William is given as a merchant except at one in 1848 where he is a "planter domestic".

The 1851 census for the family in Jersey has 8 children born Jamaica, only the eldest not with them. Georgina is an un-names new baby born Jersey, given as an infant under 1 month.
William not with the family, Eliza is head, a West Indies Merchants wife.

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Thanks For the Help, that gives me a bit more to look into.

I think I have found William Morris's Parents (John Ball Morris & Katherine Player Bristow) so I'm looking into that for now

I do really appreciate it

If you look at the Morris children born in Jamaica they were all baptised with multiple names, I'm sure they will be family names which will help identify others in the family.

For instance William Bristow Morris had a brother Mowbray Morris, a name William used for his first son. The marriage cert. for the brother's second marriage, Nov 1858, gives his occupation as barrister and the occupation of his father John Ball Morris as merchant.

Good luck with them, sure there's plenty of information out there!