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Hello dave,

I must be a 99% neo-Luddite. :D I don't use Google+ or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or...
I don't even own a mobile phone.


I dont use twitter, face book or google plus neither. I only use my mobile if i really need to otherwise the battery is usually flat and dont have any credit for it:rolleyes: There is to much of this stuff out there for me, i would have brain overload if i used them all :biggrin:
I don't use Google Plus because I don't like people tracing everything I do. I do use facebook in a very limited fashion but keep to a handful of contacts and have virtually no personal info on there. Call me paranoid but I value my privacy.

Added the site to my Google+ profile

I use linked in to keep in touch with work collegues
Haven't used facebook or twitter.


Me???? I use 3 of the 4. Have to keep up with the family somehow.
I text, mainly 'cos I can't hear, I even got my self a new fangled touch phone with qwerty, and a stylus/pointer, for the crooked fingers:biggrin:.....
Facebook to keep up with distant friends..but I keep it limited,
and Google + is new to me, but I'll try it.
Don't Twitter, tho' some may argue that point..:2fun:
I've 'liked' on Facebook...

Thanks all, especially to the ones who have "Liked" or are following us!

Like many of you I am a "luddite" but to attract new users we have had to extend into the social media field to get our name heard!

Unfortunately it is the way of the world (well internet anyway!).:)

Thanks again all, keep plugging the family History UK site and especially the FHUK Community forums!

I'll like it for you both! my face book lets me keep in touch with the kids and grand kids other wise I'd never know what was going on.:2fun: