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google search got a result

yesterday I was a bit bored and wondering about family history things, decided to see what would happen if i typed some names straight into google,
the first dozen or so came up with no relevant information (there is a porn star with the same name as one of my 18th century ancestors though),
then I struck gold, a distant relative called amelia dyer had her own page on wikipedia, she was a notorious murderess! (nicknamed the reading baby farmer), a bit of a skeleton in the cupboard of the family history, but at least her life is well documented, a bit more research and I had pictures of her, a copy of her confession, newspaper articles, a review of a book written about her and even a review of a tv programme about her where she was played by joan sim (of carry on fame, I cant imagine her as a murderer somehow), within a couple of hours i had more information on her life than i have on any other ancestor!
just goes to show that sometimes a nonstructured random type of search can yield results, I could never have got all that info from bmd certificates or parish records.

Anyone else on here found an ancestor on google?


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