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1st Marriage 25/09/1833 GOW GEORGE - JANE STORIE/FR4401 622/ 170 91 Barony

2nd Marriage 12/02/1850 McNAIR JAMES RITCHIE - JANE STORIE/FR7982 644/1 430 606 Glasgow

Piece: SCT1851/622 Place: Barony -Lanarkshire ED: 29
Civil Parish: Blythswood Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 586 Page: 6 Schedule: 22
Address: 162 Sauchiehall Street
Surname First name(s) Rel Status *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
MACNAIR James Head M M 42 Bookseller Lanarkshire - Glasgow
MACNAIR Jane Wife M F 43 Lanarkshire - Glasgow
GOW Margaret J Dau F 15 Lanarkshire - Glasgow
Page: 7
GOW Walter Son - M 12 Scholar Lanarkshire - Glasgow
GOW George Son - M 10 Scholar Lanarkshire - Glasgow
STORRIE Helen Niece - F 25 Fund Holder Lanarkshire - Glasgow
+ servants, lodgers and visitors

I can't find a death that fits for Jane/Jean.
Walter b. 11 May 1838 Govan, Lanark, Scotland
George GOW & Jane STORRIE
Batch C116465 GS Film 1066592

Vic. Death 3740/1928 GOW Walter 89 - Walter ? - Jane STOREY - d. St Kilda, Vic.
Jean Lockhart Storie b 5 Feb 1807 Glasgow Lanark – Andrew Storie (1766-1824) & Margaret Hamilton (1766-? - they married 20 May 1787 Glasgow)
married 25 Sept 1833 George Gow (1805-1841)

married 12 Feb 1850 James Ritchie McNair - Glasgow

Jane Macnair age 43 on 1851 Scotland census – 162 Sauchiehall street ED 29B, page 6, h/h22, Line 19, Roll CSSCT1851_144

on 1861 – 150 Holland St Blythswood Glasgow, ED51 h/h41, line 13, CSSCT1861_105

on 1871 – 95 St Georges Rd Milton Glasgow – ED 98, h/h75, line 17, CSSCT1871_136
Tree has note – Jane died 15 April 1881 when she was 74 yrs old – unknown – from family source in SA
Thanks Val.

Is Walter in NSW in the rolls but he died in Victoria.

Barellan is a small town in Narrandera Shire in the Riverina region of NSW.

1903 & 1905 VIC Electoral Roll - Melbourne - Jolimont
GOW Elizabeth Louisa, 16 Gisborne street, East Melb., boardinghouse-keeper
GOW Elizabeth, 16 Gisborne street, East Melb., home duties
GOW Ethel, 16 Gisborne street, East Melb., home duties
GOW Mabel, 16 Gisborne street East Melb., typist
GOW Margaret Jane, 16 Gisborne street, East Melb., home duties

1912 VIC Electoral Roll - Melbourne - East Melbourne
GOW Elizabeth Louisa, 16 Gisborne st., E.M., boardinghouse-keeper
GOW Ethel, 16 Gisborne st., East Melbourne, home duties
GOW Mabel, 16 Gisborne st., East Melbourne, home duties
GOW Margaret, 16 Gisborne st., East Melbourne, home duties
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Walter Gow was my great-grandfather and I have a lot of information on him why he living in Barellan and died in Melbourne and why he was not living with his wife who owned Tasma in Melbourne. John Woodside
Hi John and welcome to the Forum.

I'm finally back home.

The Gow family is connected to my large tree by this marriage. I'm not on a direct line.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) - Thu 3 Mar 1921 p.1
SALMON - GOW.-On the 9th November, 1920, at Scots Church, Collins street, by the Rev. Dr. Marshall, Stanley John, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Salmon, Neutral Bay, Sydney, to Ethel, youngest daughter of the late Mrs. E. L. Gow and Mr. Walter Gow, Parliament place, East Melbourne.

I'll check my tree. Walter not found in Australia Electoral Rolls ?


Thanks for your reply.

Ethel was the favoured aunt to her many nieces, and they were much affected by her death. My mother Marion Woodside wrote, “Always a joy to her nieces and she was a pet and I loved her dearly.” I also have found out fair bit of information on Sam who headed up Lawrence and Hanson in Melbourne. I met him many years ago as a child.

I have a 10 page document which I have written about Ethel including photographs but I can't attach it as it too large even in Adobe.

Ethel's mother and 4 children including Ethel ran a boardinghouse called Tasma in East Melbourne just behind the Victorian Parliament House from about 1900 to 1938. Ethel's mother died in 1913 and 3 out of the 4 girls continued it on until it was sold in 1938.

I also have a lot of background to the Storries and Walter Gow again I can't attach it as the files are too large.

I think there is a technique to send you an email but I have to work that out.

John Woodside
Thanks John for that info.

I think the system requires three posts before other features become available. But, the system also limits the size of files that can be posted.

I will resort to cut and paste and to to my knowledge have nothing to do with the Bridge in Brisbane.

Walter Gow’s ancestors came from Dumbarton, where his grandfather was a dyer on an estate called Drunguassel or Drunguasle. Dumbarton is just west of Glasgow, on the north bank of the Clyde. The Gows were staunch Jacobites, and one of his ancestors had been imprisoned in Dumbarton Castle after the Battle of Culloden (1746) but managed to escape to Canada. The family later moved to Glasgow, where they became associated in a partnership with a family called Storrie.

Andrew Storrie (12/4/1766-15/4/1824) and his wife Margaret Hamilton (7/12/1766-25/3/1811) were from Airdrie and were married in the Barony [1]of Glasgow on 30/4/1787.

They had 11 children, as follows, and they are buried in Glasgow unless otherwise noted. Many of the children did not survive childhood, and by the time their second last child, Jane Storrie, was married, Jane’s parents, four brothers and a sister were already dead. When reading the list of births and deaths in that family, it makes one feel sad to see how swiftly, in most cases, one death follows the other.

The 11 children were as follows.
  • Thomas Storrie was born Friday, 20 January 1788 and died 5 March 1805 in Demerara in British Guiana.
  • Jackson Storrie was born Friday, 18 June 1790 and died July 1791
  • Margaret Storrie was born on 22 July 1792
  • Andrew Storrie was born on 13 May 1794 and died on 22 April 1812
  • James Storrie was born on 15 November 1796
  • Lillias Storrie was born on 26 December 1798 and died on 17 January 1800
  • Hamilton Storrie was born on 31 March 1801
  • Walter Wardlane Storrie was born on 12 February 1802
  • William Hamilton Storrie was born on 12 February 1805 and died on 27 February 1810
  • Jean Lockhart Storrie was born on 5 February 1807 and died on 15 April 1881 at the age of 74 years
  • Margaret Lancaster Storrie was born on 16 July 1809
Their daughter, Jean Lockhart Storrie (1807-1881), was their tenth child from which the Gows are descended in Australia. She married George Gow on 25 September 1833, and they had four children, including Walter Gow, who came to Australia.

Walter Gow (Scotland and Australia) was the third child of George Gow and Jean Storrie, and the Gow/Storrie partnership had extensive interests in sugar plantations at Demerara in British Guiana, where they owned slaves. They lived in relatively affluent circumstances when Walter Gow (b 11/5/1838- d 4/1/1929) was born in Govan Parish, Clydeside.

The four children of the marriage were:
  • John Gow was born on 23 July 1834 in the Gorbals parish and went to NZ and nothing is known of him
  • Margaret Jane Gow was born on 28 January 1836 in the Gorbals parish
  • Walter Gow was born on 11 May 1838 in the Govan parish and went to Australia
  • George Gow was born on 1 November 1840, was registered in the Govan parish and went to Canada. The Gow from Australia did make contact with the family in 1926 in Vancouver.
Jean and George Gow took a number of trips to their plantations and kept two houses, a townhouse at 162 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, and a country house at Clydeside, where George could indulge his passion for gardening. Walter Gow received a very good education and developed a liking for country life.

The family prosperity was, unfortunately, built on slavery. Britain acquired Demerara from the Dutch in 1814, holding Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice through the Napoleonic Wars. For a short time, Demerara became the leading sugar growing area in the West Indies. Although the slave trade had been abolished in 1807, it was not until 1833 that slavery was abolished in the British Empire. The Gows tried to import Irish labour, but this was unsuccessful. The Gow/Storrie fortune collapsed, and George Gow Snr went to Demerara to try to recover from the situation but died there of yellow fever. This left Walter’s mother, Jane Gow, in difficult circumstances, and she was forced to sell the country house and live in the house on Sauchiehall Street.

To make ends meet, she took in lodgers, including a Mr James Ritchie McNair. The children probably looked down on McNair, especially when he later married their mother on the 25 September 1850 and, by Walter’s account, treated them badly. McNair was an enthusiastic churchman (presumably Presbyterian) who had his four stepchildren spend their Sundays reading the bible. McNair owned a bookshop and, much to the dismay of his new wife spent most of his time involved in debates on church politics and neglected his bookshop.

His only contribution to the family income was to continue to pay the ₤1 per week he had previously paid as a boarder, and for this, he received full conjugal rights. (This is probably an unfavourable spin put on the situation by Walter, as we rely exclusively on his version of events). McNair must have enjoyed some conjugal rights, as he and Jean had a daughter, Caroline.

[1] BARONY, locating Barony on a map can be a somewhat perplexing business - for you will almost certainly fail to locate it on any modern map! Today, what was Barony parish has long been eaten up by the city of Glasgow. In the past it represented lands which were to the north of the city and which were, in those days, more rural - they included Maryhill, Lambhill, Bishopriggs, Kelvinside, Possil, Balornock, Springburn, Provanmill, Millerston, Dennistoun, Garthamlock, Carntyne, Calton, Barlanark, Shettleston, Tollcross and Barrachnie. (Some of these cross parish boundaries).
GOW – On the 4th January 1928 at “Portree”, Orrong road, East St Kilda, Walter Gow of Hughenden, Barrallan NSW formerly of Western District, Victoria, native of Glasgow Scotland aged 89 yrs. Buried Coburg Cemetery
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/3901619?searchTerm=walter gow

his wife
Gow – on 22nd January 1913 at “Tasma” East Melbourne. Elizabeth Louise wife of Walter Gow aged 61 yrs. (no flowers)
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/142958127?searchTerm=elizabeth gow

her probate all to her children
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/219181324?searchTerm=elizabeth gow
Thanks very much John for all that info.

One tree claimed a connection to the bridge in Brisbane.

Thanks Val.

That could be a birth or baptism date.

Jean Lockhart Storie
Father's Name Andrew Storie
Mother's Name Margaret Hamilton
Birth 5 Feb 1807
Event Place Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Batch C119741
Walter died in 1928.

Perhaps the marriage is recorded in two parishes ?? No. Only this one found on SP.

Marriage 20/05/1787 STORIE ANDREW - MARGARET HAMILTON/FR2895 644 / 1 270 / 25 GLASGOW
This is the only one in April 1766. FS only has the year 1766. That may be a birth date or a baptism date.

20 / 98

This is the only one in December 1766 on SP.

20 / 129

Margaret Hamilton
Father's Name James Hamilton
Mother's Name Margaret Bell
Christening 21 Dec 1766
Event Place Mid Calder, Midlothian, Scotland

No baptism in Airdrie for a Margaret Hamilton on SP.