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Grace Hare marriage WWI soldier James Murphy in St. Mary in Kirkdale in Liverpool Lancaster june 22 1919 . Need her wedding from churc book


New member
Daar Sir / Mrs . / Miss

My name is Bjørn Løkken from Trondheim in Norway . Doing genealogy for some years , and working with a complex case , and wonder if sombody can help me in the Liverpool - Lanchashire area .

Grace Hare was born june 3 in 1901 in Kirkdale Township , Walton - on - the Hill Parish in Lancaster County in Liverpool . Her parents was John and Mary Jane Hare Nr . 3713 down on the right side in the church book https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-896J-Q9H4-T

Grace Hare got marriage on the june 22 in 1919 with the WWI soldier James Murphy in St. Mary in Kirkdale in Liverpool Lancaster . James Murphy was born in New Foundland in Canada i 1896 , and he was wounded by a gun shot i the battle in the Arras Forrest in France , and had to amputed his left arm . James Murphy was in hospital in Liverpool for a while , and he has been A.W.L ( awol ) several times and we wonder if he could have get to know Grace Hare on one or more such occasions or whether Grace Hare could have worked as an assistant at the hospital where James Murphy was admitted as a patient in Liverpool .

Can someone please help me to find Grace Hare's and James Murphy's wedding marriage introduction in the church register for St. Marys church ?

From Ancestry https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/4137422:9852

Name: Grace Hare Gender: Female Marital Status: SingleAge: 21 Birth Date: 1898 Marriage Date: 22 Jun 1919 Marriage Place: St. Mary, Kirkdale, Lancaster, England Father: John Hare Spouse: James Murphy FHL Film Number: 1545944 Reference ID: Item 3 Page 32

James Murphy got married second time to Irene Elizabeth Waugh . Irene Elizabeth Waugh was born on may 20 in 1894 Liverpool , Lanchashire .
Her parents was James Tait and Janet Waught . https://www.ancestry.com/imageviewe...es/engl56170_283-pet-2-93_m_00150?pId=2746008

Ancestry https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/175293108/person/322277718327/facts

Irene Elizabeth Waugh ( Tait ) first marriage was in february 25 in1911 to John Adam Stanley Gee

The marriage between Irene Elizabeth Waugh ( Gee ) and James Murphy was their second marriage in september 1920 in West Derby in Lanchashire . This was a civil marriage .

Ancestry Index https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin...&r=an&db=ONSmarriage1984&indiv=try&h=66560653

FreeBmd https://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/information.pl?r=144571365:0939&d=bmd_1651523703

Name: James Murphy Registration Date: Jul 1920 [Aug 1920] [Sep 1920] Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep Registration District: West Derby Inferred County: Lancashire Spouse: Irena E Gee Number: 8b Page Number: 1476

Can someone please help me to get the documet regarding their civil marriage ?

You help will be very appricated .

Best regards from Bjørn Løkken in Norway
Dear Sir . Thank you for your responding . It is very appricated .

Are there no other options for obtaining wedding introductions in church records?

My 2 questions were the following;

1) This wedding introduction at St Mary's Church in Kirkdale in Liverpool Lancaster between Grace Hare and James Murphy on June 22, 1919 is digitized and posted online, in which case it is possible for someone to look up this wedding and post the link here in this forum?

In Norway, all church books are digitized and are freely available online .

Is there a tradition in England that family and genealogy interested people on a voluntary basis and at the request of others can visit churches to look up in church books and take photographs - in this case a wedding introduction, and which in this specific case lives near St Mary's church in Kirkdale in Liverpool in Lancaster, and post it in a forum like this - I was just wondering about this?

2) James Murphy's second marriage to Irene Elizabeth Waugh Tait
(Irene E. Gee - The name Gee is from Irene's first marriage)) which was a civil wedding in September 1920 in the West Derby in Lanchashire

Is it in any way possible to retrieve this document if it has been digitized - if the document for this civil marriage has not been digitized - where can you get this document?

Best regards from Bjørn Løkken in Norway
Like I said, the only way is to order a copy/copies from the GRO.

The information on the cert you order is generally the same as the what's in the Church books.

One way or another you will have to pay, whether becoming a member of Ancestry or FMP, or any other pay per view websites. Even if you visit the archives in person will require a fee to look at the originals, and to get a copy of them..

You are very lucky that you can access Norway Church records online for free, sadly that's not the case in the UK.