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melbourne vicioria
hi. is there anyone out there who can help me. i have really hit that huge brick wall. for over 60 years i never new about my grandparents in the last 8 months i found my that my g/father was born in londonderry ireland his dob is around 1866 he married my g/mother in 1892. they lived in manchester and he was a baker/confectioner. so can some one help me locate his parents.reguards torjai.
:) hi to siobhan. thank you for pointing out that i had not put my grandparents names down.my grandad name was samuel james harper dob c1865/6 he was born in londonderry. i dont no when he and his family moved to cheshire my grandmother dob c1874 born cheshire. name emily robinson. they married in 1892 at prestwich .hears hopeing i can knock down that brick wall. reguards torjai:
Maybe your grandparents marriage cert, will have their parents names on it. I have never ordered one for that era as yet, it was just a thought that the cert. may help.

hi gibbo. thanks for your message. i do have my g/parents marriage certificate. i have been able to trace my gr/mothers parents. all i have is my gr/fathers dads name robert harper but no idea where he comes from.reguards torjai
Hi Torjai

According to the Irish civil registration indexes, there were six boys born to Harper families in (London)Derry in the 1860s. None was called Samuel, but there is one recorded just as 'male'. In most, but not all, cases, a child was registered in this way because it died fairly soon after birth without being given a name. So this 'male' Harper is unlikely to have been your Samuel, but it could be worth checking out.

You can look through the birth register index (it's only an index, so doesn't give all the details you'd like!) at the LDS pilot site..

If you want to order a birth certificate, use the application form on the GRO site at www.groireland.ie (6 Euros each) or apply through PRONI in Belfast (I'm not sure of price in £).

If you are feeling flush, you might find it worth buying the certificates for one or two of the other Harper birth registrations for the 1860s. If the father of one of them is Robert, you might have some interesting clues - and a location - to follow up.

Apart from that, here are some ideas for further research....

Does your grandfather's marriage certificate state what Robert Harper's occupation was? If he had a trade, he might be listed in one of the trade directories published in the 19th centuries.

Does it say he was deceased? If so, check the death registers on the LDS site for Robert Harper deaths 1866 to 1892.

Does the certificate say if any Harpers were witnesses to the wedding? (If so, these were probably siblings. Look through the Irish civil registration index for their births. And, if you think they also settled in the UK, check the UK census to see if they have left behind any vital clues.

Hopefully this gives you some directions to explore.

Good luck.
hi leefer. sorry for takeing so long to reply. having problems with my computa. thank you for your leed to londonderry sites i got onto irish genealogy and i believe i found my g/fathers birth info samuel james harper born 1863 in londonderry. but there was no way of ordering a certificate. i sent an email to genealogy@derry city.gov.uk. they sent back no help contact info@belfastvisitor.com. contacterd them and they also said they could not help.next day i got an email from brian mitchell from derry genealogy my first email had been foward back to him the centre is currently closed. and all bmds has been approved the service to be returned to www.irish-roots.ie. and they will email me when the service is re-establised.so thak you for your help.torjai:)
hi siobhan. thank you for your help sorry i took so long to reply but as i just told leefer i have been having trouble with my computa leefer gave me some info which i followed and i found my g/fathers birth and i also believe i could have found his parents marriage information i am unable to get the certificates as you can see what i told leefer. so all i can do is wait until my info is on line. so once again thank you will keep intouch and let you know how i go reguards torjai:kissu: