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Granny Burgess Pt.2 - "The Dark Side".


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Granny's husband, as I briefly mentioned in 'Granny Burgess', was not the most pleasant of men according to my Mum and sister.
I never really knew him as he died when I was four. And in some ways I am glad.

He was apparently physically and mentally abusive to my Granny and some of the children. This did actually show up in some of the photo's that I possess of her.
The before death and after death pictures tell their own tale.

The older photo's show an image of a downtrodden women. Unkempt hair dark eyes and a fixed stare, unsmiling face.
The pictures after her husband died show a different story. Immaculate, smart, and joy in an ageing face.
I remember asking my mother what Grandad Burgess was like as a father to her, and as a man generally. And she told me pretty much the man that I have described.
My Mum's final comment on my Granny and Grandad took me a bit by surprise.

After grandads cremation, and when the ashes were buried, Granny spat on his remains and cursed him. He wanted to be buried, but gran had him cremated, "to make sure he was dead, and wouldn't come back".
I think all her hatred died with him, for all the abuse he gave her.
And my Aunt Dolly at his wake, toasted "good riddance you old bu**er".

My Mum never spoke of him again.

So I'm sort of glad that I never got to meet him.

Steve.:) :)
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