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04/09/1827 GRANT GRIGOR - GRIGOR GRANT JANET GRANT M 128/B 30 48 Cromdale and Inverallan

Parish No: 128B
Civil Parish: Cromdale
Town: Grantown
County: Inverness
Roll: CSSCT1851_30 Page 27
ED: 12 Folio 71 Schedule: 136
Address: South St
Gregory Grant Head 65 Slater Abernethy Inverness
Jannet Grant Wife 56 Cromdale
Elsie Grant Dau Unm 29 At home Cromdale
Gregory Grant Son Unm 23 Journeyman Slater Cromdale
Helen Grant Dau 15 Scholar Cromdale
Betsy Grant Dau Mar 26 Ag. Labs Wife Cromdale
E Gregor Mclean Grnson 6 Scholar Cromdale
Elsie Mclean Grndau 3 Cromdale
Elizabeth Mclean Grndau 8mo Cromdale
Alex Stewart Grnson 8 Scholar Alvie Inverness

Death 1858 GRANT GRIGOR 72 MARTIN 093/ 41 Cromdale

5x deaths for a Janet born abt 1795 to sort out in Cromdale.
I've cut it down to three.

1863 GRANT JANET 68 GORDON Cromdale and Advie 093/1 11

1864 GRANT JANET 70 McBEAN Cromdale and Advie 093/1 10

1874 GRANT JANET 77 Cromdale and Advie 128/B1 16
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May help a little if correct.. [Anc]

Registration Number: 93
RD: Cromdale, Inverallan and Advie
County: Inverness
Add: Two Sco Left By Onisbathe
James Grant 66 [User submission, Janet]
Elsie Grant 41 dau
Alexr Stewart 18, Betsy Mclean 36, Elsie Mclean 13, Betsy Mclean 10, Donald Mclean 8

Thanks Geoff.

Looks ok with the grandchildren.

I can't find the Grant & Grant marriage and have no idea of mmn.

Given the deaths in post #2 there should be one in 1871.

One trees gives this for Janet [marriage]
"Marriage Abt. 1810
Grigor Grant
Janet (Jonnet) Grant(1793–1863)"

And this for [death]
"Death 05 Sep 1863 South Street, Grantown on Spey"

I haven't checked any of this.

Thanks Geoff.

No middle name Gordon found.

Qld. Birth 1876/B21367 Grant Collingwood McKenzie - Gregory - Mary Sadlier

1863 death for Janet looks OK given this citation from SP on a couple of trees.

Janet Grant Widow of Gregor Grant, Master Mason 1863 September Fifth 3h 15m pm South Street, Grantown Female 70 years Father Alexander Grant Farmer deceased Mother Helen Grant ms McKenzie heart Disease not known Anasarca - 5 weeks as cert by P C Houston MD LRCSE wit Aleck Stuart Grandson present 1863 September 7th at Grantown John Stewart registrar Detail Deaths in the District of Inverallan in the County of Inverness"

Thanks Geoff.

Only one death in 1863 and mmn is Gordon and age 68 in the index but 70 and McKenzie in the transcription.