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Great Aunt Josies Shop!


swindon wilts

My Great Aunt Josie was my mums sister...her and her Brother Les ran a thriving shop and gardening buisness in Botley Hampshire for many years...as i was braught up in care i didnt trace my parents until i was 27 years old...but my dads family were amazingley warm and the family are steeped in Hampshire tradition...my great grandad came over to England and was a nomadic horse trader in the New Forest.
I have an account with Francis Frith books...i would recomend a look on there website,its full of brilliant photos and memories from any Town ,City or Village in England...anyway i left a messege asking if anyone remembered my great aunt and to my suprise a lady got back to me with an amazing account of her,her brother and you could almost be in that shop...alas i never did get to meet her..it was too late but this memory was brilliant for me...i hope you people didnt mind me letting you have a read....be warned it is abit drawn out though....thanks Lee.
Hi Leefer

Francis Friths website is one of the best websites for old photographs. It has virtually every parish covered for the UK.

Well finally got round to having a long,long conversation with my father about family..didnt meet my father to late on in life so for various reasons was awkward to get info...its been brilliant,Aunt Josephine was my nans sister...my nan being the oldest of 9 children!..they were the Barfoots of Hedge End,my nan married a Ferris,my grandad on his side had two brothers one unfortunatly perishing at a young age during WW1,a few new names came on the radar(names of my nans sisters hubbys)..Hewer being one....i am not an expert on tracking down info etc but i will endeavour to rattle a few more skeletons and maybe taxing some of your grey stuff at various stages..regards Lee.
How exciting for you Lee and thanks for sharing your story!

Family research can be difficult and sensitive enough without the complications you face thrown into the mix. as well Good luck putting all the pieces of the FH jigsaw together!

BTW England had a nice win over night!

Thanks Jill..havnt really got cracking..dont know ware to start...but will soon......Looks like England are on there way as you say...regards Lee.