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Great! It"s Not Just Me!!!!

Hi Everyone,
As I"m not the only one having trouble with the 1881 Census I feel much better !
Here are some names I could use help with. Michael Donnelly(Born 1851 in Prescot Lancs.) Hannah Neilan (Born 1835 in Roscommon Ireland) Her daughter Mary Neilan (born 1864 in Leigh Lancs.) John Murray (Born in 1862? in Leigh Lancs)
Any help greatly appreciated as per usual

Happy Hunting All,
Best Wishes Littlemo
Hi littlemo
Check out your original post in IRISH ROOTS forum, (Roscommon & County Mayo, Houghae). Joyceawood has posted quite a bit of info that should be of interest to you.

There is a Lance Corporal Michael Donnelly born 1851 England on Jersey St Hellier. He's unmarried. Prescot may be listed as Liverpool and birthdates on census records can be a long way out especially if the person is illiterate or family travels a lot. I have canal boatmen in my family and year of birth varies from census to census.
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all your help. I"m going to check the lead on Michael but it sounds really promising.I know the Regiment he served in has a Museum in Preston (thanks to patrickw) & next week my grandson is off school my Daughter is on Holiday from work so we are going to have a trip out there. I"ll let you know how I go on.
The only info I had on Hannah Neilan & John Murraywas finding them in the 1901 & 1891 Census so you finding out when she died Joyce was a gem of a find.(It"s amazing I"m in Lancashire & couldn"t find you"re in USA & did!) I know John married Mary (Hannah"s Daughter & when, I have Mary"s DOB & when she died but nothing else.John especially seems very elusive, he is my GGrandad but I can"t seem to get past him. I know nothing about his Parents for instance!
I can"t thank you all enough for taking the trouble to help me.
Happy Hunting All
Luv Littlemo
Hi Everybody,
today we have been to the Military Museum at Fulwood Barracks.
It"s quite small but really interesting & the people running the museum were so very very helpful.
My Grandson thoroughly enjoyed it, there were Uniforms & Hats in boxes around the museum for the kids to dress up in , &
I had found out from their Website that you could fill in a form & send it off with a £15 fee & they would try to find out about your Relie. I didn"t post it off because I only had the 1871 Census info. about Michael Donnelly,& didn"t think it was enough, however when I gave this to 1 of the Assistants he said they had a Special Half Term Offer on & the Research would be free. I thought that was really kind.
Anyway when I get the info I"ll let you all know, but for anyone researching an Ancestor serving in any of the regiments based there over the past 200 years or so I would definately recommend a visit.
Happy Hunting All
Luv Moxx