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Harrisburg, PA
United States
Hi all!

My name is Dennis. I'm from and in the US. I'm married with some adult children.

I joined to try and track down some family from the UK. I've been searching for well over 10 years. I have my DNA test. I had my Uncle do a "Y" DNA test. Still no luck.

I'm seeking McDade's. My G-Grandfather emigrated to the US in 1884 from Scotland. His name is Wm J McDade.

One of his sons was named Allen Patrick McDade. One of Allen's sons told me his father told him he was named after one of William's brothers.

This is all I know about him. I'm hoping I can find some help here.

Hello Dennis and welcome to the Forum.

I'll leave this to one of our UK members to tackle.

From FamilySearch.

Wm J Mcdade
Scotland Census, 1891
Name Wm J Mcdade
Event Type Census
Event Date 1891
Gender Male
Age 7
Birthplace- Lanarkshire
Registration District - Milton
County - Lanarkshire
Birth Year (Estimated) 1884.

Welcome to FHUK, Dennis.

welcome Dennis

Do you know where he landed in the USA What area he lived in? I see one here

W J Mcdade
ARRIVAL DATE: 05/06/1884
AGE: 9
PORT OF DEPARTURE: Glasgow Scotland
PORT OF ARRIVAL: New York United States
SHIP NAME: Furnessia
SHIP TONNAGE: 5,495 tons; 445' x 44'
SHIP DESCRIPTION: 2 masts, 2 funnels

And there is a brother named Pat but they are of Irish origin. Maybe living in Scotland at the time?

Two births from ScotlandsPeople. You will need to buy credits to get the cert.

644/8 650
Milton(Glasgow suburbs)

644/1 1810

Thanks, Steve, Barbara, and Dave!

I've done quite a bit of research and have some ideas. Unfortunately, I've not been able to confirm my suspicions. I was trying to just present known facts to prevent bios confirmation, where everyone agrees with me, but it's still not proven.

He was a coal miner in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. From all the records I've found after he arrived in the US, he always wrote he was born in Scotland. On the censuses, it says his parents are from Scotland as well.

While it's well known in the family, I only know the year of his arrival from the censuses. The 1900 census says he arrived in 1885, but there are other errors, so I give more consideration to 1910 and 1920 that says he arrived in 1884.

His oldest son, William Emmett, was the informant for his death certificate. He wrote that Wm's parents' names are Patrick from Scotland and Mary from Ireland.

One of my uncle's told me his father (another of Wm's sons), told him they were Scotch-Irish.

Should I move this to another forum?

Thanks again for the assistance!
This marriage could be useful, it could be your g.g fathers brother : (from Family Search)

27 Feb 1897 Allegheny Pennsylvania
Patrick Allen McDade born 17 June 1872 Scotland
married Mattie Abbot

Family Search has a child Allan McDaid (sic) born 17 June 1871 at Abbey, Paisley Renfrewshire to William Mc Daid and Mary Stevenson

The same parents also had a son William McDade (sic) born 21 Oct 1869. (and other children)

The 1871 census has the McDaid family in Johnstone Renfrewshire, parents are William, a miner, born 1833 Ireland and Mary b. 1837 in Johnstone.

The 1881 census has the family in Kilbarchen Renfrewshire, William now says born 1836 and Mary 1840. Also the son aged 9 who should be Allan is now called Patrick.

I can't find this family in Scotland in 1891. Could it be yours?
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Thank you, Steve!

Probably the most reliable indicator of his birth is his tombstone as he bought it for himself since his wife passed before him. He only has the year 1869.

Other dates:
1897 Marriage License - 1872 (age is given as 25)
1900 census - October 1860 (But I think this is the wrong year.)
1910 census - 1871 (age is given as 39)
1920 census - 1871 (age is given as 49)
I calculated the years using October as his birth month since all three happen in the Spring before his birthday and no date was given, only his age.

This is the family I've thought was right for 10 years now. Not only for the reasons you listed, but also the older brother Alexander.

Where William lived in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, there seem to be only two other McDade families in the 1900 and 1910 censuses. One was from descendants of Anthony McDade that lived there since the 1850s.

The other family was of Alexander McDade. He came to Fayette County in 1883, from Scotland, a year before William. Alexander's dates and ages also match the 1881 census. Alexander was the Treasurer of the local Ancient Order of Hibernians. I contacted the Parish where the local AOH met and both William and Alexander were parishioners and had their children baptized there, but they couldn't confirm they were related. I contacted the Historian for the AOH and he also could not confirm they were brothers.

Assuming this is correct, I'm fairly certain I've found William's Birth certificate and his father's death certificate.

I was hoping, since doing the DNA tests last year, I could find descendants of the other siblings. I'm going to try and track down one of Alexander's descendants over here.

Thanks again!