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Hello all. I am James and I am passionate about history. As much history as I can imbibe really!

I first began to be interested in my family history last year with the centenary of WWI and looking up my great grandfather's war record. My wife recently got me a 6 month subscription to ancestry and I've been at it solidly all week, using some information I got from a friend who helped me with it last year.

I got a bit stuck and found this forum looking for people who may be able to help.

Ex Pat

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Greetings from down under! I am currently living on a boat in Australia but my home is NZ. I say "home' because my family emigrated to NZ in 1955 on the last voyage of the Captain Cook. Consequently I grew up with no relatives apart from my immediate family. My genealogy began when I realised my children knew of their Scottish heritage (4th generation Kiwi father) but my Cockney heritage had missed out (although they knew their Nanna talked "funny"). To balance the scales I gave birth to............................
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