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Gribble family of North Devon


I would appreciate it if anyone has any information on the following family that will allow me to take the line back further.

My 2x great grandmother was Rebecca Gribble who was baptised in Goodleigh on 8th July 1810. Her parents were John Gordon Gribble and Rebecca Ridd. Rebecca Gribble married John Harris on 5th August 1826 in Landkey, but they settled in Goodleigh and all their children were born there. She was buried on 20th January 1885 in Goodleigh. She had at least two siblings born in Goodleigh - Mary baptised 20th June 1802 and Robert baptised 2nd June 1805 and he was buried 15 June 1806. As can be seen, there are gaps which might indicate children born elsewhere but so far I haven't been able to find anything.

It is with her father that I have hit a brick wall. John Gordon Gribble (who seems to have been known by his second name, Gordon, under various spellings, was married to Rebecca Ridd in Stoke Rivers on 28th November 1801, but there is no record of his birth under these names and no definitive birth for just a John Gribble.

I have seen that there are a number of researchers interested in the Gribbles of Cornwall and it is possible that he might have been part of this branch, but the name Gribble occurs in North Devon from the beginning the PR's, so it is more likely that his line is from Devon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have seen your question about the Gribble family (6 years ago!). I have an old bible (in bad condition) which seems to have been owned by the Gribbles of Barnstable dating back to 1768.

I would be happy to pass it to an interested family member for the cost of postage.

Are you interested?

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