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Grimshaw..a short story.


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Its 1919 in Little Denton,a small rural village that is just coming to terms with what state the Great War has left it in,six brave men perished ..a big amount for a smallish village.The village had a strong community with a blacksmith,Sam Oxted,the vicar Reverand Reeves a constable being a Peter Black and perhaps the mainstay of the village Ironmonger William Buxton.
Buxtons family had been in the village for hundreds of years,he worked closely with all the villagers and was the constables right hand man.
The last year had been strained as last summer local girl Lily Fox had been found strangled in a farmers field..police had come from London to try and help find the killer,constable Black tried his best but had nothing to go on...the strange man living with old lady Grimshaw was in the frame..most villagers didnt know Elliott Grimshaw..twenty years old and with only one eye his face was contorted and scarred...the local children teased him terribly when he did venture out,his mother was confined to a wheechair and had Elliott sent away when he was young..she couldnt cope when he was young..he was a very angry chap and chased the kids once catching one and snarling..he wasnt liked and Oxted the ironmonger wanted him out of his village..the pressure was put on to have him arrested for Lilys murder as it coincided with Grimshaws return to the village.
Lily Fox was pretty..stunning in fact but a little simple,she got the nickname red lady on the basis she wore red stilletos ware ever she went..local farmer boys liked Lily..as did many of the villagers when the drink at The Three Crowns was flowing...it was a shock when poor Lily was found naked in a hay field.
On a moonlit evening Elliott Grimshaw was making his way back home to his cottage,his step was fast and he looked around nervously..suddenly he went down..a kick followed by several more kicks thumped home to his ribs..make yourself scarce freak was followed by a kick full to the face...Grimshaw crummpled to the floor under the barrage..blood poured from his face he started to sob..half stood up a pair of helping hands suprised him...Louise Cartwright helped him to his feet and together he made it home..as the door opened Old lady Grimshaw let out a gasp and started to wimper...as Elliott slumped on his bed Louise wiped away the blood from his deformed face...go away please he protested..she lent over and kissed his cheek..dont worry she said and Elliott drifted into a sleep..please said old lady Grimshaw take this...read it for me keep it safe for me....thats all i ask.
Mext morning Louise was tempted to have a read of the old paper that was wrapped in abit of twine..as she did she was shocked to see Elliott walking down the road with his suitcase...she ran out to meet him..no she said..dont go...he looked round into her face and through tortured eyes looked at her perfect face...ime sorry he muttered...and then BANG..the street shook,flames flickered out of IronmongersBuxtons shop and home..flames were fierce and the thatch was alight.....oh my god shouted a lady in the street..poor Will is in there..without hesitation Grimshaw ran up to the door,he bundled inside...second went by that seemed like hours as Louis screamed at the constable to help...a large crowd had gathered and the worse was feared..then without warning Grimshaw fell out of the lower window with Buxton round his neck....Buxton was unconcious,but Grimshaw was ok but shaken...he had found Buxton hiding in a large wardrobe whimpering.
Finally the locals had suceeded in dowsing the flames....Grimshaw sat looking white faced..Louise asked him if he wanted a drink..you saved his life she said..i want the constable now said Grimshaw and rushed forward and with great force marched the constable inside the house,,,strong brave arms led him to Buxtons burnt out wardrobe..locals filed in behind to see Grimshaw open it.......see anything constable said Grimshaw with gritted teeth..face black and battered...old wounds looking raw...a gasp went round the smoky room..lying in front of there eyes was a pair of red stilletos.
Elliott Grimshaw was satisfied now..he walked out slowly with the locals looking down at the ground,shame on us said one and Grimshaw walked home..on his own content in the knowledge the truth was out
A lone figure was seen walking from the village at dawn next morning..Louise opened the twine shaking afraid of what it said...the headlines of the London paper amazed her...Elliott Grimshaw had been awarded medals for honour and returned to London a hero,saving four men in a barn that was under attack from the Germans in France..with severe wounds and no thaught for safety he helped the men escape from the barn.
Not alot had changed in the village since Buxton was tried for murder...no one knew ware Elliott had gone and as Louise went to his house she was comforted in the fact she was good friends now with old lady Grimshaw.helping her with chores and shopping...you see she had been given another letter from Old Lady Grimshaw.Grimshaw would be back one day in due course and Louise for one could wait..as long as he needed.

(Apologies for the shocking grammar and layout...dont tell me off!)
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