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GRO certificates.


Staff member
I have ordered a few more before the price increases. I want to get in while they are still only £7 each.
I dont know if the new prices will cause a reduction in cert ordering.

I doubt it Ben.
But I think people will try and make sure they have the right one before ordering. Maybe less wrong certs ordered.
The price increase won't put me off, but a lot more checking beforehand though.
At least it's a 'blanket' price to include a search, whereas before you had to pay that bit extra.
Still, I wish the price remained the same. Still need to be careful with the cash.

My biggest wish, is that they could send them via email attachment, or as a download. Now that would save time and energy.

Yes I shall just order what I know to the best of my knowledge is the right cert.

I just had a thought Ben. Perhaps the GRO rely on people ordering the 'wrong' certs. We can't send them back can we.

On average, I've ordered about 10% wrong certs. So If we all got the right ones, their revenue would drop by 10%.

What percentage of right to wrong certs have you all ordered.

I dont know if the new prices will cause a reduction in cert ordering.

I don't think so Ben, a lot of people are 'cashing in' on this and making as much money as possible. Most people are usually 99.9% sure they have the correct person(s) before ordering anyway.To be honest I think that the fee of £7 is quite enough to pay.However, the price increasing won't stop me from purchasing certs in the future because as we all know they're fundamental to all research in genealogy.
Yes. I have just sent off for the death cert of Ann Bradford who died in the Sept Quarter of 1880 in Rochford area in Essex. I know it is the right one as she was 77 and she is on the 1871 census in Prittlewell and is the only Ann Bradford of that age in that area. She is my great, great, great, great grandmother. Widow of Matthew Bradford. I have just found out her burial when I was at the library in Southend. Buried September 22nd 1880 in Southchurch, Southend.
I think I read also that the cross reference checking option will not be available? I've found this really useful. Shame :(

I too have sent off for a couple of certs which I would probs have waited a bit for (given that I just got my phone and electric bill in)
I shall have to order another batch before the price goes up.

Although I will still order the odd one but not as many as i usually do.