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Grrrrr... Helpppp!!!

Hi there, any one who has any knowledge on a winifred Evelyn Poole nee Turner ...... We are currently searching my mother in laws family tree and we have come to a complete stop at her Grandmothers and Grandfathers side, the person we are looking for is Winifred E Poole Nee Turner who (we think) married John William Poole, we do not have a date or an area but the following should throw quite alot of light on to her life when we traced my mother in laws mother...... Josephine. Josephine Poole: Born 3rd October 1918 in St Georges Hanover Square. (BC Aquired) Registered living at: 23, Gillingham Street, Pimlico, London Mother of the above: Winifred Evelyn Turner .................................. Father of the above: John William Poole.......................................... Josephine was married (Dont know for how long: which is also what I would love to find out) to a Jack Naughton (Army details: 1552058 Gunner R.A (Waiter) she was 21 years old and Jack was 25 years old naming his father as John Naughton and he was an Electrical Engineer, at the time of her marriage it is named as Josephine living at 25, Little Queen Street Dartford as well as dartford named on the marriage for the place. Between 1940 and a little before 1946 (I say a little before as she had my mother in law in December 1946) she then moved to 41 Brook Street, London.......then on my mother in laws birth cert it names 56, Milton Road, Willesden, London.......... Then!! in 1949 (for my mother in laws brothers birth) it names Carlisle Avenue, Stonebridge, London........Then!! in 1952 (for my mother in laws sisters birth) it is named as Park Royal, London 26 Milton Avenue, London........ 1954 and 1958 for her last 2 births she was in Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent. We are currently obtaining her DC for the sole reason that she was buried as a Summerscales (which is my mother in laws father: Ephraim Summerscales) but if she was married to Jack Naughton and he may of died (not yet looked for his death) she still never married Ephraim Summerscales. We were debating today that if you do not have the birth certificate at the time of registering her death would that be why she was buried a Summerscales? We literally had NOTHING! even searching her house in Blurton ( my mother in laws sister lives there since Josephines Death in 1975) we have some old photographs but these are from Ephraims side not hers....... My mother in law has always said a bloody closed book my mother was, boy she was not joking was she!!!!! If any one can remember the fornamed people, I would love to hear from you.... or any photographs that details the addresses above would be lovely to look at............If could be unsure if you have or know of the right people message me any way please. Thank you so much for your help xxx