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Gunner Charles Thomas Ives. Regt.No.838570


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Just received my Uncles death cert.

Didn't have much on it, that I didn't already know. :(

Place of death. Thailand. Prisoner of war. Jap.
Cause of death. Avitaminosis.

Avitaminosis = Vitamin deficiency, because of poor diet.

Not sure what to think really......died a slower death. Didn't lose his life in combat....... just hope he passed as peacefully as possible, but seeing what it was like out in those camps, it's hard to know really.

Anyway, my Aunty Hilda always talked about him, and I suppose I've carried on her narrative.
Well, he did his duty when called to, and that's his legacy, and part of my family history.

Salutations Uncle Charlie.O0


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