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Guthrie, Austin, Rankin


Active member
Looking for relatives, surname Guthrie. My father was Ian Mcleod Guthrie b. 1926 (Islington, N. London) m. 1949 (Ruth Lilian Rankin B. 1930. d. 2007) d. 1997 (Plumstead/ Greenwich). He had 9 sisters, some are deceased now but some still living.
My search for ancestry stops with my paternal grandfather, William Robertson Guthrie. Born in Scotland in or around March 1888, he somehow ended up in London, England. He was apparently married twice, my nan (my father's birth entry states her as Mary Louisa Guthrie, nee Austin b. 1900. d. 1985)being his second wife. I was informed that he had 2 sons from his first marriage, and one of the sons was blind. Not sure how the marriage dissolved, (or if it was ever actually dissolved). The sons from his first marriage apparently emigrated to New Zealand with their mother. No dates on the emigration, no ceratin names for his sons or first wife.
Not sure if my grandparents were actually married, as I have searched many times, through many different bmd websites, and through family records centre in London. I cannot find any trace of a marriage entry.
He served in the navy and somewhere I have a picture of him in his uniform. I would think he served during WWI, but again no certainty.
I have found electoral roll entries for him living in Plumstead, London with my nan from around 1939/40 to 1962, when he died. I know they lived in Campbell Rd, Islington, N. London in 1926 as thats is recorded on my father's birth certificate.
I have searched the scottish census for 1891 many times, and have managed to find only one entry for a William R. Guthrie, who was 3 in the 1891 census, which makes a match to my grandfathers details, but thats where the match ends, as the middle initial stands for Russel and not Robertson, so I am not sure that I have the right family. There was a story that my grandfather changed his name at one point and I'm not sure how true this is.
I would like details of my grandfathers first marriage, as this may give me clues of his parents and maybe I could trace exactly where in Scotland he was born, details of any children/ancestors from my grandfathers first marriage. (I am planning a trip to Scotland in 2009 to search for his birth certificate etc, but im thinking this will be difficult due to the very confused information I have been given by family members.)

I am also looking for relatives/ancestors from my mothers side of the family. Born in East London in 1930, Ruth Lilian Rankin was the eldest daughter of William Frederick Rankin (b.1905 d.1967) and Lilian Minnie Middleton (b.1904 d.1984)
I need info on their marriage to be able to get info on their parents.
My mother had 3 siblings, Ronald (b.1931/2 d.1932/3.) (He was only 1 when he died. The story is he died when my great grandmother collapsed on top of him, whilst pushing him along in his pram. She also died of head injuries(?) Joan Margaret (b. ?) and Violet (b. ? d.1978

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