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Haigh/Sykes Marriage

Hi All,

Hoping you can help !
My grandad was born 2nd June 1924 in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire. His parents were James Edward Haigh and Edith Alice (formerly Sykes ) I have obtained this from his birth certificate. As my grandads parents both died when my grandfather was a toddler I have no other information apart from odd names of his aunties etc who i belive raised him. I'm therefore trying to find his parents marriage certificate to ascertain the ages etc before going any further but can't seem to find a reference to the marriage anywhere !!!!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help !!!

Kind Regards

Sarah Curtis


Loyal Member
Staff member
Hi Sarah

Marriages June 1920

Haigh James E Sykes Huddersfield 9a 1096.

I clicked into the others on the page but all that comes up is a Margaret Firth. There probably is a mistranscription with the page number. I shall try and look to see if the Sykes spouses first name was Edith.

UPDATE. The original index image says the spouse was an Edith A Sykes. 9a 1096.

Yes, Already done ! I just can't stand the waiting for it to arrive part. Once i've got the reference etc i just want the information on it right there and then !!!!!
I've also ordered a death cert for James as i found one with about the right birth year and a death year 3 years after my grandad was born ( James was 36 which is probably not that common ?? ) This ties in with the fact I know my grandad was orphaned at a young age. I should have probably waited for the marriage certificate to come to be sure it was the right one but then i would have to wait another week !!

Thanks once again for your help I really do appreciate it as there is absolutley no details in the family ( I asked my grandad last year before he died but he was very reluctant to talk about anything ) fso i'm hoping to learn some interesting facts

Kindest Regards


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