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Handwriting Comparison


Hey there.

Any budding handwriting experts out there?

I have 2 offerings of handwriting but cant be sure if its from the same man...my grandfather.

I can upload if there are any volunteers who can have a look and can confirm its from the same hand or not.

This would mean an awful lot as at the moment im thinking he was a total loser/bigamist who ran out on 2 wives and 4 children and would like to prove myself wrong.

Thanks guys, ive attached 4 pics.

2 are from a book given to my grandmother in 1921 by the man she later married.

The others are from a RNVR card which I think may belong to the same man.

Any help welcome.


  • Norman_Edward_Sandiford_1928.jpg
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  • Norman_Edward_Sandiford_1930.jpg
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Looking at the "N" of the signature of N E Sandiford on the bottom right card and the "N" of the book inscription, they seem totally different. There can be no certainty who completed the rest of the cards so any comparison is unsound.

Of course, it could be that Norman gave his name a romantic flourish when he signed the book.
I think the only text written by N E Sandiford on the top two cards is the signature and these tend to be nothing like 'normal' writing.
A suggested the lower Norman could have been 'flowered' as part of the dedication.
So I suggest you would need more text definitely from the person of interest, sorry not to be more helpful but to be sure you would need a lot more text.