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Hannah Collett Gloucestershire

Hannah Collett married John Garner in Stow on the Wold in 1767. Can anyone see a birth for her probably between 1740 and 1750. I've looked at the BTs on fs but can't see anything. I imagine the birth would be in or around the Stow area.

Thanks in advance.

Baptism transcribed as

Hanah Collet bap 26 May 1749 Stow in the Wold to John & Mary Collet

Looks to me .... Hanna...possibly??
Stow Marriages.(as I going through 1708 - 1748 ).

Thomas Gardiner to Ann Hunt. 28 Oct 1742. (both of Maugersbury).

Thomas Gardner to Mary Clifford, both of Stow. 12 Oct 1744.

John Wells(of Abingdon), to Ann Gardiner(of Lower Slaughter). 15 Oct 1735.

Thos. Collet to Elizabeth Hill/Hall(?). 17 Jan 1733.

William Gibbs to Mary Gardiner, (both of Maugbury). 16 July 1727.

Gibs Collet to Elizabeth Pillaway. 13 July 1718.

Sorry, no marriage for John Collet. :(

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Again many thanks to you both.

Trace, that baptism looks good, don't know how I missed it although as I said in my first post re Richard Gardner's baptism some of the pages filmed by fs are virtually illegible.

Steve, you have saved me asking for a search for the marriage of John Gardner's parents, Thomas and Mary

Thanks again

I have just rechecked the BTs on fs and the only baptism they show on May 26th 1749 is for Hannah daughter of Francis and Ann Roberts and the Thomas Gardner/Mary Clifford marriage in1743 doesn't appear at all. So much for the BTs being a true copy of the Parish Register.

I'm not even sure if Ancestree is much better. As I looked through each page, at some point it jumped a page. At least, that's how it seemed. Goes from right hand page, to right hand page at the odd time. But I could get what I needed to see, by viewing the half pages visible.:2fun:

I think the Ancs records, are the actual originals. As it notes that dates when they were transcribed. Or have I got that wrong.

(Shame you weren't looking for SMITHS.....there were less of them, than Collets and Garners.:2fun: ).
Each answer I get throws up more problems. For example if Thomas Gardner married Mary Clifford in 1743 then I'd guess they were born around 1720ish. I've found three Mary's so far born between 1718 and 1723. Likewise Thomas Gardner.

At least I was able to use the Censuses to sort out all my Smiths.

I wonder if Hannah was the youngest in the family??

First name(s) John
Last name Collet
Marriage date 19 Apr 1731
Marriage place Naunton by Stow on the Wold
Spouse's first name(s) Mary
Spouse's last name Burrip
County Gloucestershire

Thanks Amanda. I had seen that marriage too. In fact it's the only John Collett marriage I can find. He had five children baptised in Stow, that I can find, and one buried. I haven't had a chance to see if anymore were baptised after Hannah, but I feel pretty sure that is the family.

Thanks for looking.

The following baptism (to Hannah) is to Francis & Anne Roberts so can see how the BT's got muddled.....

The transcription on Anc only gives Mary as parent - the actual image is poor and John is fairly feint, but he's there!

I was impressed to see that on the marriage they both signed their names.
Thanks for the confirmation of Hannah' baptism. As I said she doesn't appear in the BTs at all. Without a visit to the Record Office to look at the Parish Register I'd never have found her so thanks again.

With regards to John and Mary's marriage, again I have only seen the BTs and not the Parish Register. I have come across one transcription which gives Mary's surname as Bump rather than Burrip!