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Happy Christmas & this is what I have been up to

I never thought I could ever produce a website.

If you want to make one for your family tree or local history it really isn't so hard.

All you need is a website host who will give you a number of templates to choose from and you register with them as a community user. There are a number of free sources ie to help you make thumbnails, store photos. even pages of info.
Thanks just got fed up of people saying there were no interesting buildings left in Sheffield. Have only got about a third of the way so far.
Hey DW
You did it :D ,it`s amazing I live about 13 mile from the worst shopping centre on earth :2fun:
,had to take d-i-l shopping there before Christmas -November thankfully- and to my amazement I could not see the world famous steel bull :'((where has it gone//)or the towers:'(
what was the heritage people thinking about???I have long thought that we have become a nation that has no voice :mad:
I ask you to please keep up the goodwork and I bow to your expertise

Romany Rose x
The Bull is outside Magna Science Museum. When steelworks changed ownership they donated the bull there. I agree it is sad it has moved. Such a beautiful beast. Of course by the end of next year there will be a great towering shiny steel structure going up, the Man of Steel. Apparently a well wisher just donated one million pounds to the kitty so they can get it going earlier than originally planned.