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Happy times


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Charters Towers queensland
Yes im bored, i do have housework but this is more fun. I love memories and my lot have heard the same stories time and time again so this time im going to share a couple with you.

When my sisters and i were about 5, 7 and 8 years old my father climbed onto the roof of the house to do a repair job. While he was up there us girls thought it would be funny to pinch the ladder, which we did. When dad had finished, of course he couldnt get down and us kids thought it was hysterical and we wouldnt put the ladder back for him. So poor dad was ranting and raving on the roof and us kids laughing our heads. Mum was at work and we lived on the farm so no neighbours near by to come to his rescue. By this time we were scared to put the ladder back as he was pretty mad to say the least. Anyway a couple of hours later we bargained with him for 1 dollar and no beltings if we put the ladder back. The outcome, one father safely back on the ground and 3 kids wanting to go to the shop to spend our lucky fortune. The shop had to wait for another day as he still wanted to belt the life out of us but he kept to his side of the deal and didnt.

The other memory i have that is a favourite of mine is quiet moments with my dad. He taught me how to play poker when i was small. Just quiet time one on one with him and just play poker and yak. We would wait for mum to go to work and out come the cards and matches[for our money]. Mum would have had a fit if she knew he taught me how to gamble so he and i only told her the other week, 35 years later.


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