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Hardy/Cooksey - Richard


I am hoping that someone may be able to help me with this. I am helping a friend with her family history.

Her grandfather's name is:
Richard Hardy
b. 27 Feb 1913 West Hartlepool, Durham

His parents are listed on the Funeral Home records as:
William Hardy
Lillian Cooksey

I have gone into the FreeBMD and found a Lilian Cooksey in Hartlepool born 1894; however it appears that she may have married a John W Brown in 1917. I looked for a Richard Hardy and found absolutely nothing BUT I did find a Richard H. Cooksey b July-Sept 1913 West Hartlepool Mother's Maiden Name: Cooksey.

My theory was that perhaps Lilian and William never married and she had Richard out of wedlock. I thought perhaps the H in his name may have been for "Hardy". I have looked at the records that are online for immigration to Canada at the National Archives here but found no Richard Hardy; however, I did find Richard Cooksey immigrating here when he was 16. My theory was he was born out of wedlock, immigrated to Canada and changed his name to Richard Hardy. Maybe I was desperate when I came up with that theory. Anyway, today she handed me a copy of his birth certificate requested in 1977 showing his name as Richard Hardy born the 27 Feb 1913. Unfortunately, it is only the short form with the date and location.

I have found on Ancestry someone seeking information on a Richard Hardy Cooksey from Ottawa but have received no reply to his enquiry.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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