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Hare/Whiteman Family, West Ham, Essex


New Zealand
Hi I am looking for information about my great grandfather and his family. We dont have a lot to go on except my great grandafther THomas Edward Hare came to NZ from England i think around the 1920s, he worked on ships and passed away in a mental hospital here in NZ. His fathers name was also Thomas and his mothers name was Ada Priscilla (maiden name Whiteman). I seem to have hit a brick wall- and not really getting much more information. I would hope to reconnect with some living distant relatives on that side of the family. Being in NZ is there somewhere online i can try and get more information? I dont have a membership to Ancestry or any other site like that. I have found a bit on familysearch.org with census information and they lived in West Ham, Essex? with his father Thomas also working on ships.
Thanks very much

Welcome to the site, good luck with your research.

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Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Marriages Jun Qtr 1900
Hare Thomas W. Ham 4a 295
Whiteman Ada Priscilla W. Ham 4a 295

Births Mar Qtr 1901
Hare Thomas Edward W. Ham 4a 154 mmn=mother's maiden name WHITEMAN

From the details in 1901 and 1911 census we should be able to start working backwards.

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Thomas Edward Hare
Census 1901
Event Place West Ham, Essex
Ecclesiastical Parish St Lukes
Sub-District Canning Town
Registration District West Ham
Residence Note Union Street
Birthplace West Ham, Essex
Schedule Type 122
Page Number 21
Ada Priscilla Hare Wife F 24 West Ham, Essex
Thomas Edward Hare Son M 0 West Ham, Essex

Thomas Hare
Census 1911
Event Place West Ham, Custom House West Ham, Essex
Sub-District Canning Town
Registration District West Ham
Thomas Hare Head M 38 Harwich, Essex
Ada Hare Wife F 34 Tidal Basin, Essex
Thomas E Hare Son M 10 Tidal Basin, Essex
James William Hare Son M 3 Tidal Basin, Essex
Ethel May Hare Daughter F 0 Tidal Basin, Essex
I have hit a small wall.

2x births about 1873 in Essex for a Thomas Hare

Also 2x marriage for a Hare to a Sarah with mmn that match the mmn on the 2x birth reg.
Someone should be able to confirm what follows

Joseph Hare
Census 1881
Event Place: Harwich St Nicholas, Essex
Registration District: Tendring
Residence Note: Assembly Yard
Occupation: Carpenter
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Birthplace: Harwich, Essex, England
Page Number: 21
Registration Number: RG11
Piece/Folio: 1782/47
Affiliate Record Type: Household
Household Role *** Age Birthplace
Joseph Hare Head Male 39 Harwich, Essex, England
Sarah Hare Wife Female 28 Harwich, Essex, England
Joseph Hare Son Male 10 Harwich, Essex, England
Thomas Hare Son Male 8 Harwich, Essex, England
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Marriages Jun Qtr 1869
GARNETT Sarah Tendring 4a 329
HARE Joseph Tendring 4a 329

GRO Reference: 1872 M Quarter in TENDRING Volume 04A Page 296

Births Mar Qtr 1877
Whiteman Ada Priscilla West Ham 4a 84 mmn PURSER
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Thomas Hare
Census 1891
County Essex
Parish Harwich
Ecclesiastical Parish ST NICHOLAS
Registration District Tendring
Residence Note Vansettart Street
Marital Status Single
Occupation Pier Labourer
Birthplace Essex, England
Page Number 41
Registration Number RG12
Piece/Folio 1402/ 75
Sarah Hare Head F 36 Essex, England
Joseph Hare Son M 20 Essex, England
Thomas Hare Son M 18 Essex, England
James Hare Son M 11 Essex, England
Daniel Hare Son M 8 Essex, England

GRO Reference: 1879 M Quarter in TENDRING Volume 04A Page 357

GRO Reference: 1882 M Quarter in TENDRING Volume 04A Page 429

If I'm correct then where is James aged about 2 in 1881?
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The rest of the family in 1881 on the next page from the others and FS should have included them.

Event Place Harwich St Nicholas, Essex
Registration District Tendring
Residence Note Assembly Yard
Birthplace Harwich, Essex, England
Page Number 22
Registration Number RG11
Piece/Folio 1782/47
Harriett Hare Daughter F 7 Harwich, Essex, England
Elizabeth Hare Daughter F 5 Harwich, Essex, England
James Hare Son M 2 Harwich, Essex, England
Ada P ? Whiteman
Census 1881
Event Place West Ham, Essex
Registration District West Ham
Residence Note Sarah St
Occupation Scholar
Birthplace West Ham, Essex, England
Page Number 18
Registration Number RG11
Piece/Folio 1715/137
William Whiteman Head M 40 Irchester, Northamptonshire, England
Ellen Whiteman Wife F 30 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Alfred Whiteman Son M 10 Rushden, Northamptonshire, England
Albert Whiteman Son M 7 West Ham, Essex, England
Ada P ? Whiteman Daughter F 4 West Ham, Essex, England
Percy Whiteman Son M 2 West Ham, Essex, England
Cecil Whiteman Son M 0 West Ham, Essex, England

Where is Ada and the rest of this family in 1891?
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Marriages Dec Qtr 1876
Purser Ellen W. Ham 4a 107
WHITEMAN William W. Ham 4a 107
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Hi There charnz,

I'm pleased to say that I'm related to you - my grandmother's maiden name was Hare. I have a fairly comprehensive family tree (created by me and another Hare descendant who is a descendant of your grandfather's brother). I would be pleased to speak to you further. I did have your grandfather on my family tree - but didn't know where he died.

Hi Dave oh that’s awesome would you be able to email me?

Look forward to hearing from you


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Ok sorry about that it seems I can’t post my email address nor do I know how to use the pm system. If your able to private message me that would be great?

We didn’t really get much further in our research. As Thomas passed away in a mental hospital I have applied for his records to be unsealed so we could read them and try gain some sort of insight into his life and family. Our understanding is he was in and out of there for a number of years so hopefully some record of information will be great. I find out next Friday whether or not they will be made available to me. I did also find a descendent of his brother and communicated via email though I don’t think he knew too much. We are still relatively new to it all and with no living family members who knew anything it makes it difficult.

Thanks be great to somehow see your family tree
Hi Charlotte,

I think I need to post three times in order for my name to turn green then I can instant message you. But in the meantime I can say that our Hare family - the oldest I know of was James Hare born 1798 but not sure where (possibly Harwich, Essex). He married in 1827 in Easthorpe, Essex.

I'm not sure if you know but Harwich is as far North and East as you can get in the County of Essex - it has long been an important port.

I was sent a lot of the information about the Hare family (certainly the early generations) from a lady called Phyllis Barnes about ten years ago. I haven't had the need to contact her recently but will try to do now. She's much more closely related to you - her ancestor was your Thomas' brother.

Thanks very much will be very interesting. Thomas came here alone and my grandfather never spoke about him. So none of my aunties/uncles or mum knew about Thomas and his family. We were hoping somewhere in his hospital notes would have more information. I know he had a brother and sister but being in NZ it’s quite time consuming trying to find which areas are close to where to try and limit down the people I think may be related. He is buried close by to me and unfortunately his grave is unmarked. He didn’t seem to have a easy life here which is sad. Very interested to read your information.
Thanks for your reply