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A convict who may have a sister on board. I'm trying to read the details re parents and siblings.


It's the bottom one of the three:

Religion: CE Read or Write: R Relations: F & M James at Maidenhead 2 B John & Henry - Mary, Catloline ? & Hester ? - Elizth. on Board. Ship Character: - Offences: Shoplifting a Shawl py. Morgan - once for same 12 Mos.

F & M = Father & Mother * only father James listed and living at Maidenhead

2 B = 2 Brothers * John & Henry

Sisters * Mary, Catloline/Catherine/Caroline ? & Hester ? - Elizth. on Board
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Yes gibbo.

It's a convict I forgot about. And there is a sister Elizabeth on board.


The middle one of the three. I have not finished transcribing it but clearly says sister Harriet is on board.

F & M James 2 B Henry John
S Harriet Mary & .? Ellen ? at NP - 3 years on the Town
S to Harriet Shurly on board

NP = Native Place ** I have to find the image for the previous page to get the other details.

607 SHURY Elizth.
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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Elizabeth Shury
Aliases: Elizabeth Shurry, Elizabeth Shirley, Elizabeth Rose
Gender: f
Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 7th December, 1826
Occupation: Maid
Date of Death: 13th March, 1879
Age: 52 years

Sentenced to 15 years
Crime: Stealing
Convicted at: Oxford Assizes
Sentence term: 15 years
Ship: Emma Eugenia
Departure date: 16th November, 1843
Arrival date*: 16th July, 1844
Place of arrival Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 169 other convicts
52 = age at death

Harried born 1821-1827. Elizabeth 21 in 1843 and Harriet 20 in 1843 but age varies in different records. So I don't know yet who is the eldest or where they were born. If 1826 is correct for Elizabeth then 21 in 1843 is way out.

Here is the first page and the part I can't read is the native place. The middle one of the three.

Hirley = Hurley = Berkshire probably.

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Bit of a coincidence isnt it that 2 sisters were tried at different courts and yet ended up on the same ship as convicts :confused:

Harriet was tried at Bucks yet Elizabeth was tried at Oxford Assizes
I cant see anything on Elizabeth's record about Harriet, which i would have expected to see especially since Harriet's record notes sister on board.
Looks like Hirley = Hurley = Berkshire.

Yes, coincidence but sister mentioned on each record.

Post #1 and post #3 are both from the same page of Tas. Archives.

Elizth. on Board
S to Harriet Shurly on board
Post #6 Elizabeth's entry in the book.

There is no sister Ann or brother Richard listed but place and father = James fits:

Richard Shury
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
birth: 06 Dec 1821
christening: 09 Dec 1821 HURLEY, BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND
parents: James Shury, Martha

Ann Shury
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
birth: 02 Jul 1823
christening: 27 Jul 1823 HURLEY, BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND
parents: James Shury, Martha

Can't see any other baptisms.
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Elizabeth convicted of larceny - character: very bad - stealing shoes and a copper kettle - convicted again 6 months for same, 4 months again for same ...

Tried 25th February 1843 -15 years - To be computed from 25th May 1843.
No replies to this one:

I am presently seeking information on my GGG Grandmother Elizabeth Shury or DShurly, b. 1824 in England and transported as a convict on the Emma Eugena 2 arriving in Tasmania in April 1842. Married George Collins in 1845 in Bothwell Tasmania.Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like the original name might have been d'Shurly or de Shurly.
Why, gibbo ?

There are entries in the same Tas. Archives Convicts page and following page for Elizabeth and Harriet.
Elizabeth's says
S to Harriet Shurly on board

Ok I can't find a baptism for either of them.

Harriet's death reg says mother is Mary but that may or may not be correct.

Don't know yet where Elizabeth died or if parents are mentioned.
I still think its strange that 2 sisters are tried in different places and end up on the same convict ship :confused: BUT i cant argue with records can i :2fun::2fun::2fun:
Family Name (1) Given Names (1) Ship or Free (1) Family Name (2) Given Names (2) Ship or Free (2) Date CON Ref(s) RGD Ref(s)
COLLINS George free SHURY Elizabeth Emma Eugenia 00 SEP 1845 CON52/1/2 p296
RGD37/4 : 1845/2220


Gender: Female
Birth 1824 - ** Not sure how accurate that is.


Gender: Male
Birth 1817 -
Marriage/Relationship: 1845 - BOTHWELL, Tasmania ( SHURLY, ELIZABETH )

65786 COLLINS EMMA 1853
65782 COLLINS FANNY 1855
65778 COLLINS JOHN 1858
65781 COLLINS HENRY 1860

We need a death reg from Tas for Elizabeth Collins for 1879.
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...wrote of Elizabeth Shury:

1838 - imprisoned for larceny in Berkshire
1840 - imprisoned in Oxford Gaol
1843 - charged with steal in Oxford Assizes
6 Sep 1843 - transferred to Millbank Prison
Character reported as ‘very bad’ on transport records
1854 - ticket of leave granted
1856 - ticket of leave revoked for being absent from muster
1858 - sentenced for being absent from muster
Mar 1859 - Ticket of Leave restored
Oct 1859 - Ticket of Leave revoked for being absent from muster

I think parents are James & Martha from Hurley, Berkshire.

...wrote of George Collins:

M. Elizabeth Shury (aka Elizabeth Shurry, Elizabeth rose, Elizabeth Shirley) on 27 Oct 1845 at Bothwell, Tasmania.
Is listed on jury several times.