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This one is a bit harder. ;)

F & M ? James at Maidenhead
2 B John & Harry ? - J? Mary ? Catlohie/Catholic ?
& J? Sister ? = Elizth. on Aansd. ?

Father = James

Brothers = John & Harry ?

Sister ? = Elizabeth

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As you say to Henry or Harry then - May Catholine Hester. Are the last three words, the persons signature and in a different hand.

Haven't time now, but will look again later

Thanks dave,

I think it is Mary - look at the little leg in 'y'

So Mary, Catholine & Hester

It would have to be the 'H' in Hester with the loop joining the two vertical strokes shifted to the right then.

Looking again at the last two letters I don't see them as 'er' - so not Hester or Sister.

The last three words are in different hand and ink but all the entries in the register in that column for 'Relatives and Apprenticeships and Where last Residing' have no initials or signature of the person making the entry.

It pays to read the column headings. :D
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This one is a bit tougher, Steve.

If we assume the last three words are a place of last residence for Harriet then what could it be?

Rothenburg ob der Tauber it is not. :2fun:
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groom's name: Samuel Adlem
groom's birth date: 1824
groom's age: 22
bride's name: Harriet Shurley
bride's birth date: 1826
bride's age: 20
marriage date: 26 Oct 1846
marriage place: Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia
indexing project (batch) number: M13531-3
system origin: Australia
source film number: 1368287
1841 census.

Name: Harriott Shirley
Age: 20
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1821
Gender: Female
Civil parish: Stanwell
Hundred: Spelthorne
County - Middlesex

Occupation. None.
Book: 14
Folio: 46
Page Number: 2

NOT born in County, and in the district workhouse.

That's about 10 miles from Maidenhead.

Thanks Steve.

I got the marriage registration no off the fiche at the library on Tuesday.

RGD No 37 26 Oct 1846 ADLEM Samuel 22 SHIRLEY Harriet 20 - Reg 1846/52 Hobart
The other two files also have the native place but it's less clear, being Hirley/ Surley/Sirley.

My call. :2fun:

Death reg says born MAID. Won't be Kent.

Looks as though the siblings may not help us.

We need one sibling in 1851 with pob.
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I don't know if he's related at all.:confused:

1851 Census.

John Shirley
Age: 30
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1821
Relation: Inmate
Gender: M (Male)
Where born: Sunbury, Middlesex, England
Civil parish: Stanwell
County Middlesex.
Registration district: Staines
Sub-reg dist: Sunbury
ED: Staines Union Workhouse

Thanks Steve.

If they are from the same family they were triplets. :2fun:

It's usually impossible to trace convicts. Even when you get parents and siblings and a death reg with parents listed and pob listed it still proves very difficult. This one is the same.
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Yes. :rolleyes:

Noticed these two.

Deaths Jun 1841
Shirley Henry Staines 3 213

Deaths Jun 1848
Shirley Henry Staines 3 261