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Harriett Stephenson c1804


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
A bit of a potential problem brewing.

I have Harriet Stephenson c1804 married to Joseph Crompton c1801 in 1821.

Harriett was from Gildersome, Yorkshire.

I have just been scanning the 1841 census for potential parents until I can get a parish record for her birth.

I have a choice of 2 families, parents names for both are Matthew and Sarah Stephenson.
If I do get a record of her birth and it says parents are Matthew and Sarah, how will I know who is who. :confused:

No parents listed on marriage entry.

Hopefully the parents will be someone totally different.:rolleyes:

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Hi Steve
Crikey !! You do choose them don't you. Hopefully they won't be the same. If they are, you might have to go back and see if some names come forward from grandparents to grandchildren. I have some Welsh ones like this except in one village there are three families called Jones all with the same names. You might as well stick a pin in them and see what comes up !!
How is the earache ?


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Oh well, looks like the parents of this lady are going to remain a bit of a mystery.

It is a best guess that they were Thomas and Sarah Stephenson.

This is from Yorkshireindexers.

I have noticed one thing though looking back at Gildersome records. That is there were only 3 Stephenson families in Gildersome at that time, (that I can find.) ie
1]Thomas Stephenson and Mary....
Children baptised to Thomas and Mary Stephenson...
Elizabeth Birth: 29 MAY 1804 Christening:02 SEP 1804 Gildersome PC
Noah Birth: 30 AUG 1806 Christening: 28 SEP 1806 Gildersome PC

Thomas Stephenson married MARY LISTER Marriage: 10 FEB 1805 at Batley.

2]Thomas and Sarah Stephensonchildren....
Mary...Birth: 24 JUL 1806 Christening:14 JUN 1807 Gildersome PC
then had children bap at Gildersome Baptist......
Thomas birth 24 MAR 1809 Baptist, Gildersome
James birth 09 APR 1811 Baptist, Gildersome
Martha Birth:06 AUG 1813 Baptist, Gildersome
Ann Birth: 11 JUL 1815 Baptist, Gildersome
Martha Birth: 16 APR 1817 Baptist, Gildersome
Emma Birth: 03 FEB 1819 Baptist, Gildersome

Thomas Stephenson married Sarah Bilbrough at Batley as Batley was the Par Church. Marriage: 23 JUN 1803 Batley,
Interestingly there was a baptism of William Stephenson with only the mother noted, ie Sarah Bilbrough. Wm Birth: 30 APR 1801 Christening: 28 JUN 1801 Gildersome

3]Matthew and Sarah Stephenson--nee Lee, children....
Joseph Lee Stehenson Birth: 10 OCT 1810 bap 25 NOV 1810 Gildersome
Thomas Stephenson Birth: 13 APR 1812 bap 13 AUG 1812 Gildersome
MATTHEW STEPHENSON -Christening: 25 DEC 1813 Gildersome,
ELIZABETH STEPHENSON - Christening: 18 AUG 1815 Gildersome,
MARY ANNE STEPHENSON - Christening: 09 APR 1817 Gildersome,
SARAH STEPHENSON -Christening: 11 OCT 1821 Gildersome,
LYDIA STEPHENSON -Christening: 15 MAY 1825 Gildersome,
JANE STEPHENSON - bap 14 MAY 1827 Gildersome

So if Harriet was a dau of one of these three she couldn't be a dau of Thomas Stephenson and Mary Lister or Matthew and Sarah Stephenson. But there is a gap in births for Thomas and Sarah 1801-1806. It is possible she was an illegitimate dau of Thomas and Sarah and wasn't baptised.

Pure speculation of course. I cant really add anymore. Gordon.

Any thoughts anyone. :)

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