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Harris family from prussia

gr manchester
Looking for any info on the following people leah or lena Harris born prussia app 1874 married a moses morris from russia they lived in northumberland and manchester Leah had brother julius who in turn had a son Myer who went on to have children named Ester, Harriett, and Julius i think Myer may at one time lived in Spitfalls London.
Any info on these people would be welcome
Thank you
Hello me dear :)
I doubt this is of much help however, the name & location could be worth keeping to one side.
1891 census Moses Harris nephew born Russia 23 tailor's machinist
also Marks Harris who was born in Poland 22 same occupation.
Living in Spitafields with Abrahams family.

Hi this looks like them in 1891

Name: Leah Morris
Age: 56
Estimated birth year: abt 1835
Relation: Wife
Spouse's name: Moses Morris
Gender: Female
Where born: Germany

Civil Parish: Whitechapel St Mary
Ecclesiastical parish: St Marks
County/Island: London
Country: England

Street address: 15 Rupert St, Whitechapel

Registration district: Whitechapel
Sub-registration district: Goodmans Fields

Moses Morris 70 Poland Shoemaker
Leah Morris 56 Germany
Esther Morris 23 Plymouth Tailoress
Sarah Morris 21 Plymouth Tailoress
Jacob Morris 16 Dover Carver and Guilder
Rebecca Morris 18 Dover Tailors app
Fritz Seaford 38 Germany Stick maker, mar
Elizabeth Seaford 35 Bristol mar

Name: Esther Morris
Age: 3
Estimated birth year: abt 1868
Relation: Daughter
Mother's name: Leah Morris
Gender: Female
Where born: Plymouth, Devon, England
Civil Parish: [Charles] ?
Ecclesiastical parish: Sutton on Plym
Town: Plymouth
County/Island: Devon
Registration district: Plymouth
Sub-registration district: [Charles] ?

Leah Morris 35 (head, Mar) Germany (Occ looks like Jewess
(Simon) Morris 7 Sunderland
Annie Morris 5 Plymouth
Esther Morris 3 Plymouth
Sarah Morris 9 Months Plymouth

Name: Rebecca Morris
Age: 4
Estimated birth year: abt 1877
Relation: Daughter
Father's name: Moses Morris
Mother's name: Leah Morris
Gender: Female
Where born: Dover

Civil Parish: Spitalfields
County/Island: London
Country: England

Street address: 9 Shepherd St Biulds
Occupation: Scholar

Registration district: Whitechapel
Sub-registration district: Spitalfields

Moses Morris 55 Germany, traveller
Leah Morris 44 Germany, traveller
Simon Morris 17 Sunderland Tailor
Annie Morris 15 London City, Domestic
Ester Morris 13 London City
Sarah Morris 11 Plymouth
Abraham Morris 8 London City
Jacob Morris 6 Dover
Rebecca Morris 4 Dover

Name: Myer Harris
Age: 30
Estimated birth year: abt 1861
Relation: Head
Spouse's name: Sally Harris
Gender: Male
Where born: Sunderland, Durham, England

Civil Parish: Shoreditch
Ecclesiastical parish: St Michael Mark Street
County/Island: London
Country: England

Occupation: Slipper maker

Registration district: Shoreditch
Sub-registration district: Shoreditch, South

Myer Harris 30 Sunderland
Sally Harris 28 Shoritch
Esther Harris 3 Shorditch
Harrette Harris 2 Newcastle
Julius Harris 10 months Shorditch
Leon Newmark 18 Shorditch, Boot maker

Last edited:
Name: Myer Harris
Age: 10
Estimated birth year: abt 1861
Relation: Son
Father's name: Julius Harris
Mother's name: Maria Harris
Gender: Male
Where born: Sunderland, Durham, England
Ecclesiastical parish: St Thomas
Town: Leeds Yorkshire
Registration district: Leeds
Sub-registration district: North Leeds
Address 39 Back Nile St
Julius Harris 39 Prussia Glazier
Maria Harris 30 Prussia
Abraham Harris 11 Glasgow
Myer Harris 10 Sunderland
Henry Harris 9 Months Leeds

Name: Abraham Harriss
Age: 1
Estimated birth year: abt 1860
Relation: Son
Father's name: Julius Harriss
Mother's name: Esther Harriss
Gender: Male
Where born: Scotland

Civil Parish: Bishopwearmouth
Ecclesiastical parish: St Thomas
County/Island: Durham
Country: England

Registration district: Sunderland
Sub-registration district: South Bishop Wearmouth

Julius Harriss 31 Germany Glazier
Esther Harriss 23 Germany
Abraham Harriss 1 Scotland
Myers Harriss 2 MO Sunderland

MARRIS, Thoas Head Married M 30 1831 Shoemaker Poland
MARRIS, Leah Wife Married F 23 1838 Germany
(looks like Marris on record, but Thoas should be Moses)

RG number: RG09 Piece: 636 Folio: 85 Page: 34

Registration District:portsea Island
Sub District:2 Portsea Town
Ecclesiastical Parish: Holy Trinity

Civil Parish: Portsea
Municipal Borough: Portsmouth
Address: 61, Havant Street, Portsea, Portsmouth Hampshire

Hi Ivpennyston and a warm welcome to the forum.
I hope our poster gets in touch, it's just great when people connect with their family tree.
Best wishes

Hi Ivpenneyston,
Ive not been on hear for a while due to illness, you say you have same names as i have, did your family live in northumberland and end up in manchester? i would be intersted to find out what info you have please get back to me as you never know we could have a match
:) best wishes
ivpenneyston put this message on for me,my Great Grandparents were Moses & Leah Harris who married in South Shields, I know that Moses & Leah died in Manchester, where are you based & what relation are they to you? Hope to hear from you soon. best wishes
H Ann,
There seams to be a bit of confusion here my gr grandparents were Leah and Moses Morris. Leah was formely Harris they apparently got married in south shields and yes they both died in Manchester. have you got any of their childrens names so we can see if its the same people
Hope to hear from you soon
IF any of these names appear in your tree please get in touch
Esther Morris b app 1869 south shields
Kate Morris b app 1871-2 sheffield
Ellen Morris b app 1873 sheffield
Annie Morris b app 1877 glasgow
Samuel Morris b app 1879 sunderland
Sophia Morris b app 1881-2 newcastle
Minnie Morris b app 1883 newcastle
Rose Morris b app 1886-7 manchester

:)Thank you