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Harris family from prussia

Hi Treetops, Moses & Leah had 8 children starting with:
Esther born.......abt.1867/8............in South Shields
Kate born........28th June 1870.......in Sheffield
Ellen born.......abt.1871................in Sheffield
Annie born.......1st November1876..in Glasgow
Samuel born......abt.1889...............in Newcastle upon Tyne
Sophia born.......abt.1881.............. in Sunderland
Minnie born.......abt.1883/4............in Sunderland
Rosa born.........3rd March 1887.......in Prestwich Manchester
Hope this info helps you, I have some birth ,marriage & death certifcates to confirm, I think from the sounds of it that you are related via my great grandmother Leah who was born in Germany, her name & Moses name were anglised. Awaiting your reply. Best Wishes
Hi Ann,
Lovely to hear from you again, well yes it does sound as though we are related i would love to know more and in what way are we related? i have Leahs death certificate she died aged 82 on 18 march 1931 do you already have this info? and do you know anything at all about her and Moses i would love to know what their real names were.
i await your reply in eagerness
Hi Treetopsearcher, glad to hear that the info I sent related to you, I have not been able as yet to find the marriage certificate of Leah & Moses but I found the date of their marriage whilst researching the births of their children, Annie was born in Scotland & I went up to the Family History Office in Edinburgh & on the recorded birth is the date & location of Leah & Moses Marriage.......this is only on births in Scotland. Annie later got married to an Allan Nicholson. I have copies the death certs of Leah & Morris, Morris was buried in the Jewish cemetary by the side of the Great Northern Hospital in Crumpsall. Rosa the youngest of their children was my grandmother, she & her husband emigrated to Australia & that is where they are buried, I have photos of their graves. I did more research on my Grandfathers side than I did on my Grandmothers side. I have a photo of Leah & also one of her daughter Rosa, taken at the same studio, I think Rosa would have been in her late teens or early twenties. I have other info.....but hope this info will suffice for now. Which side are you related to?
Until I hear from you
Best Wishes
H Ann,
We are certainly second cousins i have been trying to find a link to Leah and Moses for so long i was begining to dispair.
I have a marriage place for Leah and moses its South Shields app 1866 but i still cant find the details,i came across this info using family search.
Have you any idea where Leah came from i got told Prussia and moses Russia?
i told that Leah had a big house in Manchester dont know if its true.
Hope to hear from you soon
Best wishes
Hi Treetopsearcher, as I said I am related to Leah via her daughter Rosa (she was my grandmother) which of Leah & Moses children are you related to? Awaiting your reply. Ann
Hi Ann.
My gran was your grans sister Kate Morris, i have a picture of Kate, also tales of Leah passed to me by a late cousin .
I sent you a private message did you find it ok?

Hope to hear from you soon:)
Thanks Treetopsearcher, we both have photos of our respective Grandmothers, Who did your grandmother marry? To answer your private message the answer is yes that would be fine by me. I have an Aunt in Australia.....Rosa's daughter who told me that Leah was born in Germany but I cannot remember the name of the town & unfortunately my Aunt is not well & she's now in her eighties. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Wishes Ann
Hi Ann,
Yes thank you i did receive your email, i did reply to it, im taking it that you didn`t receive that reply, i have sent you another please let me know if you receive that one, i will keep checking back on here just incase.

I hope to hear from you soon
Best wishes
Many similarities as the Harris Family I am trying to research - particularly Annie (nee Morris) married to Isaac Stoker - they had six children:
Lewis (Louis), Julius, Leah (registered Lily on birth certificate), Moses, Minnie and Ruth. Leroca
Hello again Treetopsearcher
Thank you for your reply - it is good to hear I have the right family after all. Annie was my grandmother but I didn't know very much about her early life until I came across the results of all your efforts. I knew she had been born in Scotland and also vaguely knew there was an Aunt Ellen who must have looked after my brother and me when we toddlers.

The thing I suppose made me doubt it could be the right family was that Annie was married to Allan Nicholson. I have never heard this name mentioned before.

Don't know much about my grandfather Isaac Stoker (originally Shloker) by the time I was in my teens he had gone to live in South Africa and was known as Carson.

My thanks to both you and Ann2506 - I have learned so much from your efforts.

My best wishes - Leroca
Hi Leroca,
Im glad you have the correct family,but some info somewhere has got mixed up I have Minnie Morris married to Alan Nicholson who was a coal merchant and they emigrated to Australia app 1912.

Ellen was born app 1876 i have no marriage for her .

Have you any other info on the morris Harris family ?
:)Best wishes
Hi Treetopsearcher & Leroca, just got back from a few days away so catching up with emails etc, as regards marriages of Annie & Minnie the two sisters, well Annie was indeed married to Isaac Stoker in Birmingham 1901 & my Aunt in Australia told me that Isaac went to South Africa leaving Annie behind & later Lewis also went to work with his father over there but I don't think it worked out so Lewis came back here, as far as I know Annie & Isaac seperated,.......as for Minnie she married Allan Nicholson in Manchester 1904 & they had two children & they later emigrated to New Zealand & had some more children there.......hope this info is useful to you both, please keep in touch as I sure we can help each other with our research.......I have copies of certs. to back up some of this info.
Best Wishes to you both & awaiting to hear from you.
Hi to you both - good heavens I am really amazed by all of this and it has happened so quickly. On the 7th Nov I came across my mother's birth certificate - I idly googled Isaac Stoker, discovered my maiden name could have been Shloker and my grandmother had all these sisters and a brother who I knew next to nothing about. I did know my mother's grandfather had come from 'White Russia' and her grandmother had come from Berlin but I didn't know there names.
My mother was Leah and she wasn't married to my father, I have a younger brother from the same relationship and neither of us have any memories of him or even his name. We have a sister - born when she did marry after leaving Manchester. I don't suppose you know any details of this part of my early life but if you do I would be glad if you would share them with me!
No photographs unfortunately, apparently my stepfather burned the lot after my mother died but I will check again.
My best wishes and again thanks for all of this - Leroca
Hi Ann and Leroca,
I hope you had a nice time Ann,isnt it nice that now there are three of us re searching our family.

Leroca you say your mothers grandfather came from white Russia and your mothers grandmother came from Berlin are you meaning Leah Morris`s nee Harris`s parents if so where did you get that info from please.

In Manchester police museum they hold some Alian records so i am going to make an appointment today and see if i can find Leah and Moses there,i know its a long shot but well worth a try,whatever the outcome i will defo let you both know the outcome.

Sorry Leroca i dont have any info on your earlier life but i will try to find out if i can.

Hope to hear from you both very soon

Best Wishes
Hi Leroca, was your maiden name Stoker & were you born in 1936?, & was your mothers maiden name Carson? I have been researching both sides of my family history for many years now........& my great grandparents on both sides were either from Russia, Germany or Poland all at one time part of the Prussian Empire. hoping to hear from you soon. Regards Ann