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Harry Burgess & Laura Curbishley

Yes, definitely need to confirm with certificates. I have got every certificate possible for my direct ancestors, built up over time. I got the death certificates last and they were perhaps the most interesting - one killed crossing the railway track at Lymm, another by an overdose of Chlorodyne, another a mining accident etc etc.

Of course be sure to get certificates direct, not through Ancestry etc. Cost should be £9.25 from the GRO.

As there is so much cost involved it might be worth sketching out all the branches of the tree first, using just free sites and help from this forum etc, and then deciding which branch you want to absolutely confirm. Some branches will be more straight forward than others and some will grind to a holt regardless of what certificates you have - a shame to spend money on a certificate and then find the previous generation is impossible to find anyway. Also some Cheshire marriage certificates are available free on line and details of baptisms and burials.

Ask if you need help though if you don't get a reply from me it's because I am only here half of the week.

PS there is no proof Annie Curbishley was the child of Frederick, it was only a suggestion to possibly explain the civil marriage.