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Harry Plaisted na Lucy Jeans Children??


New Zealand
Looking for information on William Thomas W Plaisted, he was born in London England in 18..., his parents are Harry Plaisted and Lucy Jeans.

William Thomas married Ruth Wheeler in 1924 in Miami, Gila, Arizona, America, i have found various census records (thanks to the local library) however i have not been able to find if they had children.
Most of Harry Plaisted & Lucy Jeans children lived in America and i can't seem to find my way about finding any grandchildren, if they had any.

John James Plaisted married a Ruby Inez Chiles and the last i found they were in California.

Any suggestions to work out the american trail would be most wlecome, thanks

Hi Julie

Yes that would be him, he is the eldest son, it is the USA part i am having problems with, especially as it looks like the family actually went to America twice from what i can find and i know they (or some of them) took american citizenship due to one of the census's. If you or anyone else finds any children or marriages for those which i should of listed in the last post (now below)then advice would be most welcome.

William Thomas W Plaisted b. 1870, Woolwich, London, UK
Sarah Louisa Plaisted b. 1872, Woolwich
Lucy Plaisted b. 1874, Woolwich
Harry Jeans b. 1876 (he died in 1888 Hampshire, UK)
Arthur K Plaisted b. 1878 Various census say either America or American Samoa which happens to be in the South Pacific, and i doubt that they got that far!!
Ada Ann Plaisted b. 1880 Woolwich, London
John James Plaisted b. 18 Mar 1882, Woolwich, London, UK

thanks again for your help.

Hi Smee,

Sarah's married name is Downs she is on the 1920 US census with Lucy I think. At work at the moment, so this is from memory.

Would you happen to know how to search marriage records in America? Or should that be any websites.

Thanks for doing this and don't get in trouble at work...........!

Hi Clare,

Sarah is on the is on the 1910 census with Lucy and Harry under Plaisted, but there is a grandaughter Edith L Downs age 10 born Colorado father pob Indiana. Looks like Sarah has 'D' (divorced as her marital status) thats probaly why she is under her maiden name. She has 'W' for widowed on the 1920 census.
Hi Claire

He is a couple of free sites that may help.


Familysearch – Pilot Site
If you select region it will bring up all USA indexes such as census for 1900 (image) & 1920 (no image), index can be viewed for Harry & Lucy.

Also has the Arizona Death Index 1870-1951 which has Harry PLAISTED death 1916 Miami, Gila, Arizona. Parents Thomas Wilkes PLAISTED & Louisa BAXTER. (Image shows cause of death & birthplace in Kent)

There is also an Arthur K PLAISTED – Civil War Pension Index Cards – 1927 residence Colorado.


Grave index has Harry PLAISTED, including his son William T W Plaisted (also on stone is Ruth W).


Thanks to you all once again, i hadn't been able to view the 1910 census, so it is lovely to find at least one grandchild. The other deatisl are also wonderful as i have had no deaths for Harry Plaisted though i think i might of had them for thomas and Ruth. Oh yeah and you got the right ones too..............this is way cool, so going to have a quick look at those sites now.

Many thanks

Hi Clare,

Death for a John J Plaisted

26 Dec 1968 Los Angelas
Birth date 18 Mar 1882
Mothers maiden name Jeans

Death for Inez

Inez Plaisted
16 Jun 1972 Los Angelas
Birth date 16 Dec 1891
hi crankypants

thanks for that was very enlighting, as for why australia dont do it, they can make to much money out of it and your government is mean..........lol. i can get BDM for new zealand online for a certain yearage.though of course you have to order the certificate to get the details..........lol, so our government it mean too.............

So how come yu have a Plaister i your family, it seems very similar to my plaisted surname?

Thanks for th einfo

Thanks Crankypants, i got a big break through due to the Arizonia death records, including a grandchild and her children............Yippeee

Still going throught he other websites too, takes time on dial up

Hi Claire

Fantastic news on the break through, let’s hope this is just the beginning.
The challenge is surfing through all the websites relating to U.S.A genealogy especially when you’re on dialup, I know that frustrating feeling.:'(

I don’t have any ancestors that went to the U.S.A, and have never researched for anyone else so it’s interesting to see what the American’s offer as in free information as to the U.K & Australia, also New Zealand.

My husband’s PLAISTER ancestors are from Chippenham, Wiltshire.
(Also spelt PLASTER / PLAISTED / PLAYSTER) probably more variants.

Hi Crankypants

From what i can gather from the family history book on the Plaisted (Du Plessis) the families lived in Wiltshire, Gloustershire, South Wales and London, so maybe there is a connection, they usually say there is..........lol, Apparently they originated in France. If your interested......let me know.

So many connections....