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Having to start again :-(

nr Leeds
Hello everyone,
Well I thought I was doing well till I got some info that didn't look right,and then I checked what I had and thats when everything came to pieces :'(

I chased the wrong tree and didn't double check. So I'm going to my safe point that I know is correct and wondering if anyone can help me restart the hunt in the right direction this time.

I'm looking for the line back from my 2x Great grandfather. He is John H Sykes B 1850 his parents were Joesph (38 ) and Betty (37) Sykes from Wooldale nr Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. That is the info on the 1851 census.

Like I say I followed the wrong parents back and got alot of info on them, only to find that I'd done a basic error-not checked place of birth :mad) And I just cant seem to see straight and hope a fresh pair of eyes and start me off again.

Any help is appreciated

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Hi Andy :)
hard luck with your search, we've all done that mate!
For the peeps here is ref for 1851
Wooldale Yorks
Same place in 1861 parents with Hannah, Elizabeth & John Henry
Also Anne gdghtr 3mnths.

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Sykes is a difficult name to follow. I know I have Sykes in my family. Apparently all Sykes are descended from one Shepherd in yorkshire so I've been told. Its easy to end up on the wrong branch. Keep a record of the wrong branch records though, as you may find like I have in the past that some of them are actually relatives but just not so closely related. Never throw any information about people of the same surname. It helps to stop you accidentally going back over old ground too. And as I say it may just link in later.
I've kept the info I got on the wrong tree and it makes good reading and will help if it becomes a link in anyway. It's just getting back past the point where I'm stuck at thats the bug bear. I think I'll try another family name and come back later and attack it again.

The grand daughter is an interesting avenue as well as she lives with the family all the way till 1901 but no mention anywhere of who she is.

Wooldale is a vilage in the parish of Kirkburton, near Holmfirth.

Joseph Sykes to Betty Bailey - 4 Nov 1832 Kirkburton

1841 census
Name: Betty Sykes
Age: 25
Estimated birth year: abt 1816
Gender: Female
Where born: Yorkshire, England

Civil Parish: Kirk Burton
Hundred: Agbrigg (Upper Division)
Street address: Cliff, Wooldale
Occupation: Woolen -?-

Registration district: Huddersfield
Sub-registration district: Holmfirth

Joseph Sykes 25
Betty Sykes 25
Mary Sykes 6
Hannah Sykes 4

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Hi Andy
I don't know if you use Family Search, but if not this is the link


If you just put Sykes in the surname, click event (births) then Region (british isles) then Country (England) then County (Yorkshire), then search

This will bring up all Sykes born (or married or died) in Yorkshire. Scroll down looking for births in Kirkburton or Wooldale, There are quite a few, going back a few hundred years. When you find a subject, click on spouse's name and family also. This will give the spouses birth and marriage details and all children - if you're lucky

best of luck
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Thank you Dave for the info, I've used FamilySearch and I must have looked straight at it and ignored it. :eek:

Joseph Sykes to Betty Bailey Nov 1832. Now I'm hopefully heading in the right direction. thanks again