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Good Morning,
I have for some time being researching the Hayden/on name and have been stuck on William Hayden/on the only information to date is he marriad a elizabeth Hawkins on the 28/09/1778 at Northmoor Berks.
Where Was He born ? what Year? When did He Die? and where did he ?,
How many children did Willaim & Elizabeth have and there names, I have one Thats John Born 12/02/1786 he runs right up to me Today.
Who was Williams Parents and Behond Tall order but who Knows some one out there may have my missing information.
Thanks Alot Derek
Hi Derek,

Northmoor is now in the county of Oxfordshire (since the 1974 re-organisation) so you may find the records in the depositories within that county.

Also, the parish church is St Deny's. it seems to me that it is most likely going to be a case of doing a search of the registers. If Northmoor is nowhere near where you live, find out if there is a Mormon Library anywhere nearby. If there is, they usually have microfilm and microfiche readers. They also already have quite a lot of Parish Registers available on microfilm. It may not be kept at the nearest branch but, they will happily have the film sent to the local branch for you - provided it is on microfilm, that is.

Alternatively, go to your nearest Central Reference Library (having made a booking first, of course) and check the IGI (International Genealogical Index), compiled by the Mormons. Your reference library should certainly have the Index for the local area and may have it for the whole country. It is then a case of checking out all the records on it for any of the spelling variations you know of. Hopefully, something will jump out at you and you will have the record you are looking for.

Let us know how you get on.