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Head Family Wimbledon and Hampshire

Hi I hope this is the correct place to post this query.
I would like to contact descendants of the above family as my husbands Great Grandfather Alfred Charles Roe worked as personnal assistant/chauffuer for Alfred Head.

This is what I know about the family from various sources.

Albert Alfred Head (Alfred Head's father} was born in Ipswich Sept. q 1844
from something I found on the internet I believe he died around 1928.

Albert Head married Caroline Hanbury on February 15th 1876.

Their second son Alfred Head was born in March q 1878 Islington. He was disabled I believe he had what is now known as Cerebal Palsy.

At some time after Alfreds birth Albert and Caroline went to live in Wimbledon. They lived at 15 Lingfield Road Wimbledon which was known by the name of Corrie Lodge.

My husbands Great Grandfather went to work as Alfred's assistant sometime after 1891. Alfred and Mary Roe's 3rd child Annie Roe was born in Wimbledon circa 1894.

In 1900 Alfred Head's parents bought Bury Hill House in Anna Valley near Andover. This was the area where Alfred Roe's family came from. A Miss Waithman a friend of the family became Alfred Head's housekeeper.

In 1902 Alfred Head bought his first motor car and Alfred Roe became his chauffuer as well as his assistant. Alfred Roe also kept a diary between 1902 and 1915 detailing many of the journeys that they had in that and subsequent vehicles also mentioning many relatives and friends of the Head family as well as his own. I have a transcribed copy, the original held by a member of the Roe family. It is a fascinating read.

On 14th September 1904 Alfred Head married Mary Catherine Waithman I think she was a niece of the housekeeper. Shortly after their marriage Caroline Head Alfred's mother died.

Alfred and Mary Head had 3 children Albert Hanbury Head born June 4th 1908 christened July 8th at Upper Clatford Church.

Caroline Mary Head born Dec q 1911 christened January 8th 1912 at Upper Clatford.

and Muriel Elizabeth Head born May 6th 1913 christened July 11th Upper Clatford.

Upper Clatford by the way is the next village to Anna Valley, in fact they are virtually one and the same. Both just outside Andover.

Mary Catherine Head died after the birth of her last child.

I believe that somewhere around 1920 Alfred Head moved to Bournemouth. I have recently been told that he married again but the person who told me did not have any details. I do know that Alfred and Mary Roe went to run a guest house in Boscombe near Bournemouth around that date.

If any body knows anything about the Head family or could give me some idea about how to trace descendants I would be very grateful.

Thank you if you have read this far. Hope you are not too confused by the different mentions of Alfreds.

Elwyn B.

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