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Headache for today


dovercourt but born Enfield
How to give oneself a headache!
First find a relative who originated in Poland!
If his Christian name is very unusual, say Stanislas(Stanislaus)
Then try to find any offspring when there is no hyphen in last name (may be its not a double barreled surname)
When the headache starts give up for the day(week, or for ever)

I still don't know what correct surname is!
Louis Stanislas Jendrzejowski (there are several spellings on the web) born about 1845 in (says) Lambeth
His father is Stanislas Jendrzejowski ( born Poland) found on several census returns with no name in front of Stanislas so not sure is a first name or not!:(
I have also found a baptism page with 4 family baptisms with only the family name as Stanislas Jendrzejowski, so I am not sure what is what!
I think I'm going to add to the headache because Stanislas Jedizejoroski married Susan Smith 28 March 1842 in St Margarets, Westminster, according to the Westminster Archives. The Gro have the marriage down twice. Once with the surname spelt Jedizejoroski and again with it spelt Jedizouski. Either way the reference is Mar 1842 Westminster St Margaret 1 319.

Unfortunately I think the GRO site is down for maintenance so I cannot get on to it to check for births or deaths at the monent.
The one that started all this was Annie Mary Stanislas as written on her marriage cert for 1907 with her father as Louis Stanislas.
This then led to some trees on Ancestry with the rest of the family having JENDRZEJOWSKI as the surname and Annie Mary Stanislas different to the rest of the family and thus the beginning of the headache!!!:(
I have still not sure on the Stanislas bit is it a surname or first name!
There is a tree on fmp which has Stanislas down as William Anthony Stanislas Jendrezejowski baptised 25 August 1803 in Opoczno, Lodzkie, Poland.

I have found the following children on the GRO site with mmn Smith
Sophia Louise Sep 1846 Lambeth 04 274 - she died 1851
Stanislaus Anthony Sep 1850 Lambeth 4 294
Frederick John Jun 1852 Lambeth 1d 293
Stephen Felix Jun 1855 St Geo the Martyr Southwark 1d 146
Mary Ann Dec 1857 St Geo Southwark 1d 151
Sophia Susannah Jun 1860 1d 141 - died 1861

Other children on the tree not yet found on GRO
Henry George 1843-1868
Louis Stanislas 1844
William Stanislas 1851
Henrietta A 1851
Mary Ann 1860-1861

It is possible that Stanislas had been married before he married Susan Smith. During my searches I came across a burial in Lambeth 8 October 1841 for a Sarah Jendrzeiowski aged 34

GRO ref
Dec 1841 Lambeth 4 173 aged 32

I can't find a marriage nor can I find them in the 1841 Census. As she was born c1809 she could be Stanislas' sister rather than his wife.