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Heaven's very special child

Sending you lots of hope that he gets well soon. Sounds like he is getting the best treatment.

Thank you everyone.

Those medic choppers and crew are just the best, i cant praise them enough they were terrific. They are priceless.

Going to have a family BBQ next week end. Even tho the older grandkids understand whats going on they need attention and cuddles as well. So having a BBQ with the whole family and a muck around the back yard with a soccer ball etc with them. I know the end result will be happy kids and a a buggered grandma :biggrin:
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Hi Gibbo
Just seen your post, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family,
Glad he is improving and keep us posted.

Peter & Beryl
Hi Gibbo, just catching up with this thread.
I am so sorry to hear that the little one has had a nasty setback, but I am so glad to hear he is well on the mend now. The Medics fully deserved the praise you gave them.
My heartfelt wishes go out to you all for what you have been through this last week. You are a very special grandma to have thought about the other older ones and perceived their anguish too.
A BBQ and some mucking about sounds just the thing they all need, have a wonderful BBQ next weekend surrounded by all your family. Take loads of photo's and make an album of this special time.
Hugs to you all
Aw, bless him. I haven't been around for a while so have just been reading this thread. I'm glad he's out of hospital now and doing well, sounds like a pretty scary time for you all.

Taking our son and his partner and Phoenix to the airport in Townsville on Tuesday. They are heading to Brisbane for Phoenix's heart operation :'( which is on Thursday. I just prayer that everything goes well and before long he will be back home with us all. Love this little guy so much.

He is 9 months old now and cheeky as ever. Pokes his tongue out at you, giggles and got a couple of teeth and just plays "silly buggers" with you. Not to mention pulling his own hair then cries when it hurts :2fun::2fun:

PHOTO .. Enjoyed his food and refused to give the spoon back :biggrin:
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Hi Gibbo,

Hope everything goes well with his operation, my thoughts are with you and your family.
Best wishes to the little guy


Although we are at the other side of the world. Barbara and I think of the little fella often and wish him all the best for his op.
Our best wishes to the big one's as well, it must be a very worrying time

Hi Gibbo, having spent a month this year in hospital I've not caught up with anything, mainly because, reams of threads on the sites I use and my need to recuperate. However, I sincerely send you and your family my very best wishes and hope all goes well. Take care.
Thanks everyone.

He is still doing quiet well, tho he has a chest infection which can be common with the operation and also attached to a temporary pace maker which also can be common with the operation, hopefully that will be removed in a couple of days.
He is awake tho sleeping alot and they have him NIL by mouth but Phoenix had different ideas when it come to his food and he let them know about it. They ended up giving him just a teaspoon of tucker and he settled down.
After a couple of set backs finally after 2 weeks Phoenix is out of ICU. He was moved to the pediatrics ward this afternoon :) Hopefully another week or so and he might be home.
Phoenix will be home tonight. Going to Townsville late this arvo to get them off the plane. Cant wait to see him :)

Tho looks like he went to sleep trying to make a early escape :biggrin:
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