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Hello All


New member
Introduce myself.....mmmmmm.....lets see....

I am a mum to nearly 2 year old Daisy and wife to be to Damian. I have always had a passion for history in general especially Tudor and Elizabethan, an affinity that I can't really explain...I recently started to trave our family tree but am sorry to say that I never seem to find the time (Daisy keeps me busy most of the day and night!!)

I am hoping to be able to trace my family (both paternal and maternal) back to the tudor times and also Damian's family tree - not sure how far I will get with that - they are pretty mucha closed book whe it comes to talking about family.

Realy ambitious I know and I will probably still be a tit when I am 50 but its a work in progress and I am hoping to be able to complete it.

I am a real novice and so expect lots of mithering posts about how to do this and how to do that..... hoping to get some useful tips off some experts!!

Hope that your own research is going well for all of you.

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Valued Member

welcome to the forum we have all started somewhere but family history just doen't have an end there is always more that you could discover!

Just post your questions in the relevant forums and our friendly participants will endevour to answer them for you.

We are all very friendly and willing to help where we can.

It is amazing what you find through being on this forum I have found serveral distant relatives who are also working on parts of the same family so you never know where the journey which you start will take you.

Once again welcome to the forum.

Best of luck with your r4esearch! ;)



Active member
Yes,Welcome to the site,we all have a common aim - to trace our roots.Members will help you where they can and we were all novices and still learning.
I see you have an inexplicable affinity with Elizabethan/Tudor times and one of the names you are researching is BYRD.Of course William Byrd (1539-1623) was one of the foremost composers of the Elizabethan age.You may be related,you never know!!
Have you joined Genes Reunited,you may link up with others researching parts of your tree.I have made contact with numerous others researching parts of my tree.
Happy hunting


Loyal Member
Hi, I started researching my husbands family after his parents died because he knew so little about his family. It's been a great help to him as well as finding out facts about his parents he didn't know about. I'm putting together a story using the facts I've found from documents and local history books. It really is fascinating. I would love to get back to Elisabethan times but once you get as far as 1837 earlier records can be hard to acquire so I wish you luck with that. You may be lucky and find a family that looked after its documents or a church that looked carefully after their parish records or find someone famous who is well documented. I hope that comes true for you, but I'm sure you will find it interesting.

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