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Hello All


New member
Introduce myself.....mmmmmm.....lets see....

I am a mum to nearly 2 year old Daisy and wife to be to Damian. I have always had a passion for history in general especially Tudor and Elizabethan, an affinity that I can't really explain...I recently started to trave our family tree but am sorry to say that I never seem to find the time (Daisy keeps me busy most of the day and night!!)

I am hoping to be able to trace my family (both paternal and maternal) back to the tudor times and also Damian's family tree - not sure how far I will get with that - they are pretty mucha closed book whe it comes to talking about family.

Realy ambitious I know and I will probably still be a tit when I am 50 but its a work in progress and I am hoping to be able to complete it.

I am a real novice and so expect lots of mithering posts about how to do this and how to do that..... hoping to get some useful tips off some experts!!

Hope that your own research is going well for all of you.

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