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Hello and thank you for having me.

Hello and good []morning []afternoon []evening. Please tick where appropriate.

My names Paul and a complete novice at Ancestry searching. Mind you I'm getting better. Well I think I am the wife isn't so sure.
I started my journey in July after being asked my Fathers mothers name. Realizing I had no idea, I decided to find out as much as I could about my family tree.

Its a fantastic hobby. I love the little nuggets of information it sometimes throws up. I found out what tattoos my grandfather had via his Army discharge papers.
I found out my grandmother had the fastest gestation period known to medical science after marrying my grandfather. :eek:

I may call upon some of you for help and if I can help others I will try my best.

Anyway I wont waffle on and on I haven't done the washing up yet and the dog needs to be walked.


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