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Hello every one two & three

cape town
I have been there and back to see how far it is, and boy it's far. So now I am back, I am not going to stay up til 2am in the morning. My eyelids have changed shape to accommodate the slow transformation of my eye balls to an eye cubes! but I am back for a spell and look forward to meeting up with some long lost relatives of the Dann's, from Nottingham. Oh, let me re introduce myself. I am Martine, carrying the surname of Dann, which as you all know, husbands have to pay
(sometimes dearly), for us women to carry their name!. Well, let me not go into too much detail, in as much to say I now have 3 dogs & a husband. a Jack Russel was kindly left to me by my daughter, as they cannot keep a dog in the town house complex they live in. But for every1, 2 & 3 out there, I am searching and back on track for family & relatives of DANN. (Glad to be back on track::rolleyes: : ):.
Sunny South Africa
:kissu: :biggrin:


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Welcome to the FHUK forums.
We wish you continued success in your research, and may your brick walls be demolished!
If you require help all you need to do is,
Post your requests, with as much information as you already have, on the appropriate forum/s, and our friendly and helpful members will help you as much as they can.
Again welcome and we hope you enjoy your time here on FHUK.
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