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Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!
I've been researching my ancestors for the past 5 years and have become totally addicted to this interesting hobby. So I hope I'm among friends....!!!!!!

I'm at present in the depths of my father's side-the Bruce family-mostly from Glasgow, but with branches coming from all over Scotland.

My mother's side--the Brimble family from Gloucestershire--has been slightly easier.

On both sides I have discovered skeletons, missing people and scandal, as well as a few brick walls. I feel as though I have only scratched the surface and want to find out more about who they were etc.

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting and giving(hopefully) some help.

Greetings to you all Sheilah
Hi Sheilah,
welcome To the F.H.U.K family You will find everyone here very friendly and helpful. All you need to do is post your requests and questions on the appropriate forum, along with as much information that you do have, and our members will try and find those illusive answers for you, your offer of help is appreciated and will I am in no doubt be called upon. Again welcome to our website, continued luck with your research and most of all enjoy your time on F.H.U.K :)
Best regards StericoO0
Hi Sterico and Penny,
Thank you for the welcomes!! Looking forward to being here.
If I can help anyone with anything, I will be pleased to, as others have helped me in the past.

Love to all Sheilah x:biggrin: