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Hello everyone!


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I've enjoyed reading other introductions, such colourful and funny people about, :2fun: makes this dismal day brighter. So here goes my intro -

I live in London, England, married an Englishman from Hampstead, N London 20 years ago, but I'm Austrian and have been here a lot longer. I used to be a garden designer but now I'm at home, a general factotum for the family, & help my husband with his company. My children are 14 and 13 and in the middle of the "teen exprerience". My father-in-law is 92 and lives with us. :eek: We also have a couple of gerbils, a rabbit that behaves like a dog and a goldfish that seems to live forever.

I first became interested in geneaological research when I inherited an incredibly comprehensive family tree from an Austrian grandfather. He was a school teacher and using the Nazi induced research facilities went the "extra mile".
On my mother's side all "important" papers went missing around WW2 so I'm having to start from (other's) memories. :'(

But on the English side I know nothing so started to look around. Great fun when you hit jackpot but incredibly frustrating when not. I'm currently stuck on an Irish angle, my father in law coming from there. He hardly remembers anything and though I have a birth certificate, it's proving quite a challenge. So many Finlay's in Co. Antrim and Down. Sigh. As soon as a possible dad turns up, things go pear shaped. :mad: More of that later. But on another side I've traced back to early 1700s, quite exciting.
That's all for now. :biggrin: Hope I wasn't too long! Bye.
Under ice.....
Hello PW and welcome :)

All I can say is if you are having some problems with the irish then you are alot further on than me...lol

I have a gt gran that came from 'Ireland' as she so helpfully put on 2 census records, she died in 1890 so never found out where in ireland she hails from!!

nice to see you :)

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