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Hello for the 2nd time from a Newbie

Hello Everybody.

I posted an introduction letter yesterday, said hello to everyone and that I was so pleased to find this forum. I filled in my profile and names I am researching etc. It was all posted on the board and my profile was there. Today I cannot find it anywhere on the forum, or find my profile. Everytime I click to a new part of the forum I have the same message posted at the top of the page inviting me to make my first post and fill in my profile. It's so annoying, because I have done all this and seen it all "posted". There were also 2 replies from Bo-peep, but everything seems to be missing.

Should I go ahead and do a repeat or am I going to confuse the issue and
end up with two personal pages?
I'm usually quite computer proficient, but this has got me stumped.

Help please somebody!

Jennie. (Hampshire-Lady123)

pee wee

Well-known member
Hillbank, Sth Australia
Hi Jennie welcome to the forums,

Sorry you seem to be having a problem. :( I have had a look around & can only find your posts from today.
If you click on User CP your profile should be there. I can view your public profile ok & the names you are searching for show up on your posts, so I would think your profile is fine.
Dave is our resident expert on this site, he should be able to explain & check things better than I can.
So I would leave things as they are for a bit till Dave has a chance to read your post & check it out.

Welcome again. Any other queries don't hesitate to ask.

Happy searching,

Cheers Peta

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