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Hello, from San Diego, California, USA

La Mesa
I have been doing research on my family and my husbands side for quite some time. I will get real involved then I have to get the dishes done or something like that.

Anyway, I am back at looking on my husbands side for Harris and Love on his mothers side. The British side of my husband.

This has been most difficult for me, it is like these people don't even exist. I belong to Ancestry.com World and have got very little help there with info being pulled in. Maybe I don't know as much as I could to get what I need there.

I am glad I found this "FamilyHistoryUK" so far, I have plugged a few holes with the help of you all. FreeBMD has been helpful also.

Anyway, I am glad I am here, I hope I wont be a pest.
Camille Hinkle

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