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Hello from someone who lurks around at night

Hello, I thought I’d better introduce myself. I’ve been fascinated by my family history for as long as I can remember, and formally took over as the “Family Historian” from my father about 6 years ago, although I can remember accompanying him to records offices in the early 1980s, as I had easy access to the local Local Studies Centre, working next door to it.

I have been fortunate in being able to trace my father’s family back to the mid 16th century as they stuck to three parishes in Oxfordshire until the late 19th century when my branch moved into Oxford itself, despite them seeming to specialise in having large numbers of children all with the same name (and a nasty habit of not burying one before using the same name again). Again, on my mother’s side I have been relatively fortunate in being able to trace back to the mid 17th century, this time in Scotland although one particular branch has disappeared in Glasgow.

I am now trying to put some flesh onto the bones of the people I have found, it is all very well and good (and far too easy getting side-tracked on) collecting names and dates, but what did these people do, how did they live, what was their position within their local community?

Anyway, names and places being searched:

SCOTT – Kidlington, Hampton Poyle, Bletchingdon, Oxford, Oxfordshire
SCIVYER – alternative spelling SCIVIER. I am thinking of doing a one-name study so anywhere really but they seem to have originated on the south coast
DURHAM – Oxford
SNOW – Oxford
WILKINS – Ardington, Berkshire (now Oxon)
TOD – Alyth Perthshire, Kennoway Fifeshire,
EDWARD – Lintrathen Forfarshire
KRISCHEWSKI – Glasgow, Danzig Germany
MAXWELL - Glasgow
GRANT – Glasgow, Kinnaird Perthshire,
MATHESON – Western Isles

Anyway, I think that's enough from me for any of you who've managed to get this far :biggrin:

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