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Hello my name is Hannah...

Hello, my name is Hannah and i am 28 from England. I started researching my family history about a year and a half ago. My mother started it and then she passed away so i made a promise that i would finish it for her. I have a full time job so it is a slow going process at the moment but i am loving my family journey!

I recently posted about my journey on my blog - The H Word – Literature, Travel & History Blog (wordpress.com) just in case anyone is interested in it. If anyone is looking for the Walmsley family from the North West of England, there may be some useful information.

I have stumbled upon a few road blocks during my research so expect a research help topic from me soon haha. But seriously, any help is always appreciated.

I can't wait to be part of this community!


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Nottingham, England.
Hi Hannah,
Welcome to our FHUK Community Forums.
I do agree with you about it being a slow process(n)
There are stumbling blocks everywhere, what we would call "Wanted Names".
Also this pastime we all suffer from is never ever finished..........:eek::cry:;)

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