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hello new to forum

milton keynes
Hello all,
I am here to help an elderly Aunt of 90,who would like answers to her father,and the name is Bessant from IOW,lol not that I am much help as I also am a OAP.

But I have done a lot of research on finding my Canadian Grandfather,:eek: ,I must add not all on my own I have had lots of help along the line from complete strangers:kissu: most from US and Canada.
Hi Arvillamarie

A warm welcome to FHUK forums.

What was Mr Bessant's first name and rough date of birth. We can help you look for him.

Thank you so much for the wonderful heartfelt warm welcome,and thank you for the really helpful replies ,which I have passed on to my aunt.

lol, I think you may hear more from me though,as my aunt has caught the bug:eek:
Hello, and a very warm welcome to the F.H.U.K forums.
We at the F.H.U.K wish you every success in your quest
To find your ancestoral past.
Should you require help in your research, please do not hesitate to ask via our forums .
All you need to do is post your questions on the appropriate forums, along with any relevant information
That you do have in your possession, and our friendly
And helpful members will try their utmost to help you find the answers you are searching for.
Again welcome, and enjoy your time on our forums .
Best regards Sterico