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Hello -- really hoping for some help with my A-Level project

Hello. I'm an A-Level student and I'm working on a project for Citizenship Studies about Britain's role in slavery. I'm trying to connect with people who've discovered that their family was involved in slave-trading/slave-owning.

My project is about modern British identity and what it's like to have ancestors who were involved in slavery. I recently discovered that my own family had links to slavery, which is why I've chosen this subject.

I couldn't think of where I could find anyone who might be able to help me, and then I thought of genealogy forums...who's more likely to know about their ancestors than genealogists?!

So I was hoping I could submit a post asking if anyone whose family had links to slavery would be willing to contact me to tell me about their family history, and tell me about their thoughts and feelings. Obviously, I want to keep everything totally anonymous -- so I know I'm a new user, but I was wondering if I could get permission to use the Private Messaging function, or to include an email address in my post, so people could reply to me but stay anonymous? I created the email especially for this purpose so it wouldn't be giving away any personal information about myself if I put it in my post.

This project means A LOT to me, and I can't do it if I can't find anyone else to talk to whose ancestors were involved in slavery!

Thank you very much for reading!


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Robin Hood County

Welcome to the forum. You can use the private messaging (conversation function). Please don’t post your email on the forum due to our policy, which is to protect you from spammers etc. You can exchange personal information via the start conversation function.

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